Small trip to Kyoto. Temples&shirines I recommend

Hello, this is Nori!

I had a small trip to Kyoto to see my friend from high school.
I live in Osaka for 10 months already, but been to Kyoto only for a few times (I like to spend holidays at home haha)

We only take bus for sightseeing and walked a lot.
Kyoto has too many sightseeing spots, so it cannot be enough for 1 day!
This time we went to north area in Kyoto.

Our main purpose is to visit "Shimogamo Shrine" This temple is one of the most old shrines in Kyoto.

I have been to Kinkakuji Temple for a school trip 10 years ago. It still looks same as it 10 years before and still bright.

This is a rock which appears in Japanese national anthem. In Shinto religion, Gods are in everything.

When you get a bit hungry, you can try some confectionery with green tea. It is called "Aburi Mochi" and tastes so nice.

We walked around only north part of Kyoto, but still it is not enough for 1 day.
there are much more temples, shrines and some other spots to see in Kyoto, so it is better to plan like for 1 week in Kyoto (Or it also might not be enough haha)

Only for 1 day trip, but still I was refreshed and relaxed a lot:)


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