Dream island for bunny lovers | Bunny Island

 Hi.This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.Hiroshima will finally get into rainy season this week.. I wish the weather will not bother people who is traveling in Japan.

Last week I and Funny-chan,our staff from Taiwan,visited Okunoshima,which is known as a rabbit island. 

There are over 1000 friendly rabbits and you can feed them.The hydrangeas were in full bloom and we really enjoyed the island.

Now,the island is known as a dream island for bunny lovers.
However,it has sad history.During the World War Ⅱ,people were manufacturing chemical weapons there and poison gas in strict secrecy and rabbits were also used in the chemical munitions plant to test the effectiveness of the chemical weapons.(Rabbits currently on the island is not the survivors or their children.They were  brought into the island when the island was developed as a park  after the war .)There is an Ōkunoshima Poison Gas Museum.The Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima city is well known but I recommend you to visit the poison museum as well to understand the terror of war and the blessing of peace.
<How to get to the bunny island>
★For Japan Rail Pass Holders★
From Hiroshima Sta. take a KODAMA Shinkansen(Bullet trains) about 30mins to JR Mihara Sta. and another 25mins by JR Kure line to JR Tadanoumi Sta.
In front of JR Tadanoumi Sta,you can take a ferry to the island.(15mins 310yen/way)

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