First time to see Mt. Fuji

Hi! I'm Yun from Q-beh.

Last week I went to Kawaguchiko with friends. We took night bus from Kyoto to Kawaguchiko station. It was take almost 8 hours to get there. What a long way😅

After we arrived there, we are ready for adventure and sightseeing for this place.

Unfortunately, the weather was not good so that we couldn't see Mt. Fuji clearly.

For our first stop is Oishipark. They're many lavender in that park. We could also try the lavender ice cream. It was so delicious.😋

In the park there are many bees, but they won't bite you so you don't need to worry about it.

Our last day we went to Saiko 'Iyashi no sato NENBA'. In there we finally could see Mt. Fuji.😂 It was awesome!!! It makes me wanna go there again. 

 After went back to Kyoto. I started missing the view I saw in Kawaguchiko. I gonna make a plan to visit there again. Hopefully with a good weather.😂


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