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J-Hoppers Lake Biwa Guesthouse has different facilities from other J-Hoppers and Hana Hostels. Not only restaurant, futsal courts, clear spring water but it has a camp site too!

We have established a camp site for the first time at a J-Hoppers group (^ o ^) /

Camp Site in Shiga Kansai Japan

The area was used to be a place shaped like a right triangle with a depth of about 40 cm, which was hardened with concrete beside the barbecue area.

We thought it was a pool for children. However, it's obviously nonsense to make a pool even though the white sand Omi-maiko beach is located in a 3-minute walk.

A few days after, someone told us that the place had been used as a fish-tank for carps. Carps were searved as ikizukuri, slices of fresh raw fish arranged with the head and tail to look lifelike.

As we do not intend to provide that kind of menu, we decided to fill in the soil dug up for futsal court, planted the lawn, and create a campsite.

The nice thing is that there is also a hut, which is a former karaoke room, and it used to be a kitchen in the old days. Because of that, it has both gas and water. And after all, it became an ideal place for both barbecue and camp site users.

Camp Site in Shiga Kansai Japan

Auto camping is not possible as it's used exclusively for camping with a tent. You can cook in the hut. There are gas stoves (2 units), rice cookers, refrigerators, cookware, dishes and more.Concerning for the bathroom, shower and toilet, please use in the main building.

[Fee] 1000 yen / person
[Time] Check-in: 15 o'clock, Check-out: 12 o'clock

I slept several times in July, but when the sun gets into the tent at around 5 am, I can naturally wake up with a cry of birds. If you can get up early, you will notice that you have more energy during the day, which will help you stay productive and get more things done.

If you are looking for a campsite in Shiga Omi Maiko, please check.


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