Day Trip to Wakayama for BBQ and Surfing!

Hello, this is Nori from Osaka Hana Hostel.

These days it is getting cooler and cooler at night and morning, which means summer has almost done!

I have not done anything summery, so I enjoyed BBQ in Isonoura, Wakayama.
There is such a beautiful beach and you can enjoy surfing too!

We hope we could BBQ on this beach but unfortunately it was prohibited...

A guesthouse "Moon and Sky" right next to this beach allow us to enjoy BBQ in a garden and the owner told us guests often have BBQ there:)

And also the owner told us to surf!  He is a surfer as well.

I've never tried it but I just wanted to try!  With his advice, I could ride the wave for the second try!!  It was so amazing and so much fun :)

This is my first and last summery playing for this summer and actually I can't wait for winter too! hahaha


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