First firework in 2019 @ Otsu Shiga

On 8th August i have been Biwa Lake to watch my very first firework in 2019.
Last year i have been BiWa lake for another firework. However, this year one was bigger than last year, it made me feel excited.

Everyone are suggesting that if you want to take a nice place, you may need to arrive there at 4 p.m. which the firework will start at 730 p.m..  Luckily i still got a place even i was arrived there at 630 p.m. at the end.

Finally it started at 730 p.m., it started with few fireworks and i found out that my place was not really good for watching the firework which mean i have to looking for a new place from this almost full area. Somehow i found a place which i can enjoy the firework. it was keep shooting for an hour, and it was awesome.

But there is one thing quite difference if compare to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, when we are enjoying the firework, it is always come with music and laser light, also the firework will be separated by few section. In difference section we will set up as difference theme, then the light and the music will also be changed too.

 Whatever what difference they have, JUST ENJOY IT!!!

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