Miniature Life Exhibition in Hiroshima / Tanaka Tatsuya

Tatsuyta Tanaka (田中達也)is a photographer and art directer known as a miniature figurines creator.In his miniature world, everyday things turn into something different.His works make us laugh or surprised.

I knew some his works since few years ago because I am a big fan of NHK TV drama series ''Hiyokko'' and some of his works are in the video of its opening theme song.At the beginning of this month,one of our staff told me about his exhibition in Hiroshima and I went there on the day I heard about that.

His each works are so impressive.I was fascinated with his world.
My favorite one was''Bread train (新パン線)''.
Bread Train and Bullet train in English,also Shinpansen (新パン線) and Shinkansen (新幹線)sound similar and look similar.
It made me laugh.
                                Bread Train (Bullet Train)
The exhibition in Hiroshima already finished last week but he is holding a miniature exhibition in Kaohsiung,Taiwan from Jun 21st(Fri) to Sep 15th (Sun).And there will be an exhibition in Fukuoka,Japan Aug 31st(Sat) to Oct 14th(Mon).
Why don't you visit his exhibition to look into another world? :)
 If you are interested in his miniature world,check his Instagram or website out!
Miniature Life Exhibition (Tanaka Tatsuya )
Instagram @tanaka_tatsuya
Tanaka Tatsuya Website:


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