My "mystery" summer "Anatano Ban Desu"

Hello from Q-beh! Natsuki here.

The summer hotness seems sleeping a little while in Kyoto recently.
Instead of it, there were so many raining days..!
It was a very heavy rain yesterday that my shoes and pants got all wet.

This summer, I got absorbed in watching mystery drama and reading mystery novels.
Especially, "Anatano Ban Desu" is making me really crazy.
It's the new Sunday drama started from this April and will end on this September.
The newly-wedded pair is the main character of this story and they got involved in exchange murder cases in their condominium.
Two of them are big fan of mystery things so they try to find a criminal but.....
Oops, I can't say anymore about this story.
All the episodes are available on Hulu now so please watch them right now!!

The most interesting part of this drama is to check the twitter to read someone's reasoning.
If you search with #あなたの番です 考察 then you will find many tweets about viewer's reasoning.
I watch one episode twice every time. First for just enjoying story and second for searching the clue of criminal.
I can't wait for Sunday!!!


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