Smoothie, Sunset and DIY

Today, I wanna talk about few things in daily life.

Even if I start something, somehow it is difficult to keep motivating. 
You may have similar experience and such!?
These days, there is one thing that I keep doing. 
It is to make smoothie in the morning. 
I usually use banana, soybean flour, honey, milk or soy milk and other fruit if I have.
It was easier more than I expected and good to have one like in hot day even you do not have appetite.
Its healthy and wake me up!
If there is a juicer mixer, why dont you try morning smoothie activity?

In everyday life, sometimes, we find beautiful thing. 
The pic I attached is near my place for sunset. 
When you spend busy days, you may become a bit narrow field of view. 
You may not notice something special right next to you in common day. Look up the Sky~.

There was damaged at some part of floor sheet in the laundry space.

So I repaired it. I wanted to repair whole parts, but only one part at this will see the color different. Well, it is good to concentrate some work and change of your pace. 
It was just easy part. I will keep renovating more places in home. Maybe...


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