Have Kinako Ice cream in Gion.

Hello:) This is Saho from J-Hoppers Kyoto.

One of my favorite sweets is Ice cream and I am introducing you my favorite place for Ice cream in Kyoto !

The shop is "Kinana" located in Gion district.
The shop is Kyoto Machiya style and it looks very cute exterior.
They specialize in Kinako that is  known as roasted soybean powder.
Their kinako ice cream is very smooth and light taste so I can have 5 scoops ! lol

They have limited menu for Autumn and it is MONT BLANC parfait !
Of course I had limited menu as always and that was sooooo good !!

My friends ordered regular parfait menu ( Pictures below)
If  you ever have chance to be there, You'd better try their Kinako Ice cream and limited parfait !



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