Cup noodles museum

Hi, I'm Yun from Q-beh.

When everyone go to see red leaves, me and my friend go to the museum to avoid crowds. We went to cup noodles museum which is at Ikeda Osaka.

Do you know when was the instant noodles been invented? On 1958, Momofuku Ando invented the chicken ramen. It is the first instant noodles in the world.

In the museum you could see the history of instant noodles and how the cup noodles been created. There also have a tunnel that shows Ninshin food company's products.

 Besides, you could create and design your own cup noodles package in factory. I think everyone is really good at drawing except me.

 After drawing the package you may choose the flavor of soup and topping to put into the cup. They not only have this factory can experience but also have others you may want to see. Such as noodles theater and exhibition of instant noodles.

 If you have any chance or want to avoid crowds, this might be a good place to visit.👍


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