How To Escape The Crowds In November's Kyoto | Rurikoin

Hello from crowded November's Kyoto.
Actually, it’s always crowded in Kyoto but this season, AUTMN, is like...extremely C-R-O-W-D-E-D.

I don’t like the place where many people gather so I usually keep away from that kind of place.
However, today was an exception.
I went to Rurikoin which is famous for the garden view with my parents because I got an invitation ticket from them!!

First, we got on the train called Eizan-railway and got off at Yase-Hieizanguchi.
Of course, the train was full of people and I sympathized with people in Tokyo who takes a train like this every morning.

When we arrived at the ticket counter, we saw the sign said “ticket for entrance time 15:30~“.
(I had only one invitation ticket so we still had to buy 2 more for my parents)
The time we arrived there was 11:00.
OMG. What is this. No way.
Does it mean we have to wait for more than 4 hours???
We were depressed by the sign but there was no choice so we queued up in the line.

Fortunately, I had an invitation ticket so the staff there guided us to the earliest line “entrance time 11:30~”.
We all felt relieved and thanked to my invitation ticket.

Inside Rurikoin was amazing except the crowd.
The most famous/crowded spot there was the room which had a big table and wonderful garden view.

Everyone there was concentrated in taking good pictures so there was no time to look at the garden with calmed heart.
If you are thinking to go there, you should prepare yourself.

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