Explore Japan! Hiking & Trekking in Kansai "Mt. Konzeyama" in Shiga

Here is a big question. 

Why do people climb mountain?
Because there is a mountain to climb.
that's it.

This year I got many changes. 
At JOB: Office Worker--------> CHEF 
At House: Kyoto-------------->Hira Shiga 
At my mind: Open------------->more OPEN

I moved to Shiga prefecture where there are HIRA mountain chain. Follow this theme of human being. 
So we organized J-hoppers hiking club. Already we have a guide who has climbed the great 200 mountains in Japan. He has been guiding us. Our monthly activity is hiking Hira chain Mountain.

But today we change the course close to Otsu and Ritou city. We went to hiking Mt. KONZEYAMA (491M).
It is no so high like Mt. Bunagatake at Hira. But the condition of road was sandy, many rocks climing and mini rivers. It was not so easy hiking but it was joyful road!
We drive 1 hour from J-hoppers Biwako to the parking spot (桐生若人の広場)at 9:30AM. 
-----> kitatani sen Line北峰縦走線-----> KEITO Yama 鶏冠山------> Tengu Iwa 天狗岩(LUNCH TIME and  Nap 40min 12:30-13:15)------->MIMI IWA 耳岩(Ear ROCK)------>SIROISI MINE (白石峰)------>Omo iwa  Kunimi iwa Komazaka Sakasa Kannon ---->Back the start point 

Amazing sunny day with amazing company from France! They are free-accommodation staff of J-Hopeprs Lake Biwa Guesthouse.

The Buddha relief sculpture made 1300 years ago by  an artist migrant 

Next year we are going to plan more activities at mountains in Shiga. 
Let's go hiking together with good food and company! 

Please stay at J-Hoppers Lake Biwa Guesthouse when you hike mountains in Kosei area. We can prepare Onigiri lunch box for you.

A happy winter holiday and new year! 



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