Mt. Atago

Recently I started to climb the mountain for training. It because next year I want to climb Mt. Fuji. So, before that I have to train myself.

I went Mt. Atago in the early morning by bus and it took around 1 hour. This is the highest mountain which you can climb in Kyoto. After get off the bus at Kiyotaki bus stop, just follow the signs and it will lead you to Atago jinjya.

On the way to shrine, you have to walk through the bridge and small village. Then you will see red torii gate for entrance.

As you can see we need to walk for 4.2km to reach the top of the mountain. While starting to climb, you will face countless stairs. Someone also call the evil of stairs.
Before the highest point, you will find some wide open area with benches scattered around where you can take a rest.😅

As you make your way up to the top of Mount Atago, the shrine was surrounded by fogs which let you feel kind of mystery. If you are a nature lover, I highly recommend you to visit this amazing place.😍 If you have other places worth to go, please let me know as well.😆


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