Belated Happy New Year!

Hello, this is Nori from Osaka Hana Hostel.
It has a week passed since it turned 2020, but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In Japan, many people visit shrines or temples on New Year's Day to wish good luck in this new year.  I do not like being in crowded place, so I always visit them a few days after to avoid the crowded...

Finally I visited Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, which is the most popular for New Year's prayer in Japan!  I visited on the 6th of January, must be weekdays already, but still there are so many people there 😂

It was my first visit here because I thought it is far away from my home.  But.. it was just 20 minutes from my home by train haha

You might have seen this bridge when you research about travel in Osaka.  This bridge is so steep that I feel so afraid to see kids going across 😅

After this bridge, you can finally see the shrine itself.  I forgot to take photos 😭

Just pray and draw paper fortune as usual.  I am not so pious but visiting shrines always makes me feel relieved. 

I got "misfortune" this time, so.. I will do my best to live my life without any trouble :)

We wish everyone will have such a great year, 2020!!


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