Goodbye 2019

December, the last month of the year. Then it will the moment to review what was happened in the last year.

In the begging of the year, i was still staying Japan as working holiday visa which will end at April. at that moment i was looking for a job to switch my visa from working holiday visa to working visa. When i was almost heading to Tokyo for a job interview, i got a new for J-hoppers which they decide to hire me as a receptionist in Feb. I was so glad that they gave me the chance to working with them and let me stay in Japan a bit longer.Then i enjoyed my very first Sakura Cherry Blossom at Kyoto. It was so beautiful with the traditional  architecture. Also i enjoyed a lot of local festival during these days like Ji Dai Festival, Gion Festival etc..

During summer i went to Takamatsu which is in Kagawa Prefecture. It was my first been Shikoku Area.  It was Udon everywhere and very nice island view. But i did not have enough time for walk all around the city, i think i will going back one day.
Actually i was planed to visit more places in this year but there was something happened which forced me to change my plan for this year.

I think this is not the first time i mention that i come from Hong Kong, if you knew it and you have followed the news a bit more, i think you must know what is happening in Hong Kong now. We never think and imagine that this situation will happen in Hong Kong or even not that fast. But it come up and happened. We all know, there are not much we can do but we believe that we have to. There were too many night we can not sleep and watch on the news live stream. What we need to do is keep fight for ourselves.



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