Rock hard frozen chocolate

Do you like chocolate? Chocolate is wonderful food.

How do you like your chocolate? I like it frozen. Super hard frozen. Frozen chocolate is so good! I put every chocolate in the freezer. Tim Tam, M&Ms, kisses...everything.

The other day, I bought a chocolate frog from Universal Studio Japan. Its a palm size frog shaped chocolate. I was so excited to eat it as soon as I bought it but more than that, I wanted to put it in the freezer.

I took it home, let it sleep in the freezer for looooooon time.
Finally the time has come. I opened it and bit it!

I thought my teeth were gonne break hahaha. It's a thick frog shaped rock hard chocolate that I couldn't break. So....I had to wait till it became a little softer.

Satisfied biting a huge frog but chocolate wise, I just want super frozen one.
Anybody agree?


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