Hello, this is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

Do you know any Japanese traditional dishes for New Year's holiday?
On New Year's Eve,many people in Japan eat buckwheat noodles called Toshi-Koshi-soba.A theory has it that long soba noodles represent long life, so people eat them in hopes of longevity.However,in recent years,eating Udon noodle on New Year's day (called Toshi-ake-udon) is also getting popular.

At the very begging of the year,I found a nice Udon shop in Hiroshima called Taiko Udon(太閤うどん). On the day,I and my friend were planning to eat out at other restaurant but they were closed because of holidays...
When we were a little disappointed,we found a shop bustling with many people.
We were talking about the New Year's Udon earlier in the day,so we decided to try the shop.

I chose Udon with Avocado and Camembert tempura.
(I wanted to try udon that I have never eaten before.haha )
I like noodles a little harder than usual.Their noodle is my thing!!
My friend ordered Carbonara Udon.When a staff came to our table,he put FRESH cheese on top.I tried some and it was SO good.
Not only something unusual but they also have basic ones.
Furthermore,if you are vegans or vegetarians,they have special menus for you!

Please check the link below for further information: 
TAIKO UDON(English) 


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