Cookie Butter....

In January, our staff Shannon's parent came to Kyoto to visit her.

She asked me if I needed something from the U.S so then her parent could bring it as a gift to Japan.

I was thinking for the moment and I remembered that one of my roommates from the U.S gave me a can of Cookie butter long time ago.

I liked that taste. It's really hard to find it in Japan even in import shops or online(even though they had, it's expensive...).

So I requested Cookie butter and they brought it to me! So happy!!

Since then, I've been addicted to this sinful taste. It goes great with almost every grain based food like bread, crackers so on.

I don't know what am I gonna do when it runs out....
If anyone sees this post and happen to come to Japan from the U.S, please bring "Trader Joe's Cookie Butter" for me.... I'll pay for it lol.
Or if anyone knows where I can buy it in reasonable price, please let me know :)


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