Karaoke and flu...what's next for upcoming event?

Hi. Mitchan from J-Stay.

I went to karaoke with family.
It’s been a long time since I went last time.

Kids were really excited and never let go of a microphone.
They were also moving around dancing with songs in the room.
They were so energetic!

I felt like I’m getting older that I was tired just after singing couple of songs and my voice have gone...
I cannot believe that I spent all night long with friends at Karaoke when I was teenagers or early 20’s.
Well...it was good holiday.

These days, it’s getting colder...because of the weather? I don’t know, but I and elderly son got cold and had high fever.
We got cured and now it’s OK.
Fortunately, it was not the flu or ncov.

What's next for upcoming event?

To spend good time and have fun for your day off, please take care of your health!


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