Backpackers Hostel "J-Hoppers" & "Hana Hostel"

Staff introduction for Osaka Hana Hostel

Home town---Hiroshima
Language---English, Japanese
Favorite---Traveling, Animals, Washing clothes, drinking sake and I LOVE to look on the bright side of life !

My name is Masae (雅絵)
I have been working at Osaka Hana Hostel since 2012 and became a manager in 2015. It has been fantastic experience to work here with great colleagues!
I have been to New Zealand, Australia, United States, South Korea and England.
And I would like to travel more but it is so nice to work here, because I meet guests from all over the world.
My hometown is Hiroshima(広島), but I have been living in Osaka for 18years, I spent half of my life in Osaka! I love Osaka, it has good foods and great atmosphere. I would like to share the information about Osaka so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
I also work at "hana SAKE bar" on the 1st floor of our hostel.
If you would like to try Japanese sake or other drinks, please come to the 1st floor of our hostel!!  We are waiting for your visit!

Home town---Osaka
Language---Japanese, English and have been studying Spanish
Favorite---Traveling, Daytime nap, Kimono (Japanese traditional clothes), Japanese Sake, Spicy food, Movie, Cat, Ruins and kick boxing

Hello, I’m Haru : )
I have been working at Osaka Hana Hostel since February 2015. I was a backpacker and I have traveled 48 countries of the world.
I like tourists!! So let me help you to make a good memory in Osaka : ) I would like to talk with you about your country and trip. I hope you will enjoy Osaka and relax at Osaka Hana Hostel!! I’m looking forward to seeing you~ ; D

Home town---Nara
Language---Japanese, English, Korean (I know only simple phrases equal to greeting phrases and some words)
Favorite---My dog, Japanese Sake, Watching movies, Reading books, Hot Springs, Fishing・Driving, Comedy, Country side, Sea, Night sky

Hi!! Welcome to Osaka Hana Hostel
What’s the kraken? haha
I had been stayed in Brisbane for 10 months for working holiday.
It was lovely and awesome!
Everyone who I met in Australia is so helpful and thoughtful…
If I had not met them I could not learn English and spend great time…
My English is still not enough, but I would like to make your day in Japan!
So let me help as much as I can.
Please tell me about your country and language!
I am very curious!!
I am looking forward to seeing you.

Home town---Shizuoka
Language---Travel abroad, American drama, gardening, Osho(Chinese restaurant), Takoyaki, Yakiniku, Mt. Fuji
Favorite---Travel abroad, American drama, gardening, Osho(Chinese restaurant), Takoyaki, Yakiniku, Mt. Fuji

I used to live in New Zealand and Australia when I was a student. Inspired by this experience, I have interested in the other countries, too. I have traveled 51 countries so far.

Moved to Osaka in 2015 and I have loved this city because the food such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki are so delicious and people are also nice and kind.

I will try my best to make all the guests at Osaka Hana Hostel feel the same way with me.