A big unit

I saw a very big cat in a small builder's office near J-Hoppers Hiroshima Hostel.
The boss of the office told me the story about the cat....

For the first place, he met the cat in a pet shop 4 years ago.
As he says, the cat had been already fat, but it was not too giant like now.
He felt sorry for the cat. The cat was confined in a small cage and he couldn't have a chance for exercise. That must be the reason the cat was so fat....
He decided to take the cat out of the cage and give the cat better circumstances with him deep benevolence. Then the cat will get slim more !
The cat must be happy to escape from the pet shop by him and move into his office.

Four years later ....

The cat became ultra-bigger despite his expectation.
He is very disappointed that his love took him to the wrong way.
What was wrong ??

Maybe the cat was given a better cercumstances, got unstressed, got better food, and had much appetitte.
Now Obviously the cat is over a critical point as a cat and it is something different.
Owl? Tsuchinoko?
Which way is he heading for ?


pascal said…
Somehow it looks like a angry Fugu with fur ... :-)
Can this cat really walk ?? The legs look too short !! :-)

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