Do you know "Postcrossing" ?

I've found recently a funny project on Internet. It's called "Postcrossing".
The idea is "“send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!". You just need to create an account to be selectable by the software. Then someday, somewhere, another 'postcrosser' will get the address you registered to send you a postcard. In the opposite way you can ask the software to pick up someone randomly and give you the address where to send your postcard. The 'completely random' aspect make the experience very funny ! You can also track your postcards, see how many kilometers they've ran.
No money, advertisement, whatever hidden information collecting behind, that's simply for the pleasure of making someone happy by altruism. The project has already seen 3,602,766 postcards sent, covering a distance of 491,935 laps around the world !! The activest japanese customer has sent 1162 postcards and received 1134 ! Do you feel like competing her ? ;-)
I've sent my first one and am waiting impatiently to receive my first one ! Will you join ? It may be a funny way to promote Japan and J-Hoppers, and I know a nice guy who have a lot of beautiful postcards of Japan at your service if you need ;-)


Shin said…
wow, that's really interesting. nice picking up, pas-chan. i may send your postcard to someone in the world!
pascal said…
arigatou ~~~ (^_^)/

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