Tomato with Suger makes Gold medalist ?

The other days I went to the sports shop in Shin Osaka.

The day was a special day, famous Olympic athletes came and they gave us some advice for materials, for training, and some special foods...

I can accept theirs... almost ... except about foods.

What do you think about what is the best partner with Tomato and Natto?

They said 'Fresh Tomato with suger' and 'Natto with butter' is Good!!

Basically I don't eat tomato and natto. I cannot accept this advice...

'Natto with butter' feels like penalty game:-(

I will try to 'Tomato with Suger' in this summer.
I think that is the most difficult mission for me.
Same as special home work @ summer vacation for schoolchildren


yuya said…
Did you try the tomatoes with sugar? If you had conquered the intensity we should make taco with tomatoes again, if not we shall focus to alleviate.
BTW Tomatito is well know for sonic pyrotechnics.

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