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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

The season of fresh green

 Kyoto is famous for seasonal beauty (esp. cherry blossoms & autumn leaves), but now is one of the best season for sightseeing as well since you can enjoy fresh green at many places (and it's not a high season!).

(Zijo-in / also called 'bamboo temple')
(Kiyamachi-street/ Takase river)

Take a deep breath, and just relax. Kyoto will attract you more.



Hi, this is Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

Is everyone enjoying in Golden week?

I went to ASA Zoo last week :)

The zoo is filled with children. 
But I am sure I had more fun than children. 



I often see this bird anywhere when I have been in Australia.

Dancing elephant!




(30 or more)
Annual Passport
(18 and older)
¥510 ¥430 ¥1,540
(65 and older)
¥170 ¥130 ¥510
High school students
and/ or those under 18
¥170 ¥130 ¥510

Cars ¥450 Parking spaces available for 1,200 vehicles.
Buses ¥1,380

Open Hours

(Entrance to zoo is until 16:00) 


By Public
■From Hiroshima Station (Bus)
Exit Hiroshima St. from the South Exit and go down the stairs
Find animal photos on pillars as you walk the under-ground passage
Find the stairs toward Platform B
From the No.9 bus stop, take the Asahigaoka bound bus(Hiroshima Dentetsu Company)
Get off at the Dobutsu-koen(zoo) bus stop
   ■From the A-bomb Dome (Bus)
Take the bus bound for Asahigaoka from the Kamiya-cho stop
   and get off at Asa Dobutsu-koen (zoo). The bus stop is a 4-minute
   walk to the east of the A-bomb Dome. 50-minute ride.

MORE information please go to link below! 

( He is taking a nap in everyone's way. he looks dead. lol)

If you have any opportunity , go to Zoo and see cute animals!

Murin-an with unique vision of Yamagata san

On a quiet night after busy cherry blossom season, some of J-Hoppers crew decided to go to Okazaki area to experience night cafe at Murin-an garden.

Murin-an was built as a villa for Aritomo Yamagata who served as a prime minister twice, and the garden is now designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty in 1951.
Always looked stunning on the flyer we get, and interesting that they sometimes have traditional performance or workshops.

This time of the year (back in early April), they had Spring Night Cafe event which gave us chance to know how unique the garden (and Mr. Yamagata's taste) is, and how they maintain it, how different they are now from what it used to be before, and some other trivial stuff about the buildings, garden and even the surrounding area.

First, we had seats in the main villa building to join the lecture by the garden craft-man who takes care of the garden, and had a cup of tea they served.
It was so nice to know more of Japanese garden in general, and Yamagata's own point of view when it comes to beauty, I seriously don't want to spoil you so please go try it yourself!

We checked the details of the building, and went outside for a night stroll in the quiet garden.

BEAUTIFUL WARM LIGHTS and all we could hear was sound of stream and singing bugs. You can check their event schedule and more on their website.
Highly recommended!

If there is 'golden temple', there should be 'golden shrine'

 Kinkakuji temple (Golden Pavilion / Golden temple) is one of the famous temple in Kyoto. Then, how about golden 'shrine'? You might not have heard of it, but there is a golden shrine in Kyoto as well, which is Mikane shrine.
 It's located in a normal residential area, which seems pretty odd for most of the people (except who lives in Kyoto). Look at the gate, it's totally gold!
If you see the roof, you can find a Kanji letter is written on tiles. That means 'gold' as well.
 These days it's getting popular among the people who wishes good luck for money related things (business, investment, lottery, increasing salary, etc.). If you are one of them, why don't you visit there?

Mikane shrine
Address: 618 Oshinishinotoin-cho, Nishinotoin-dori Oike-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto  (near Nijo castle)
Admission fee: FREE
Business hour: 24 hours

Artistic day ~Forever Museum~

I visited Forever Museum Contemporary Art.
One of the famous Japanese artists, Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition is going through at the moment.
You can enjoy about 700 pieces of arts (60% of them are by Kusama)

I felt most of the visitors are from overseas and they seemed enjoying the atmosphere as the art galleries are in tatami floor rooms which help to create a good combination of traditional and contemporary culture.

I also watched maiko and geiko performance in the museum.
They organize 5 shows a day and they played 2 songs.
It was enjoyable enough to get to see them so close and sitting on tatami mats.

Loveale Laksa!!

Hi there,this is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
The Sakura season has gone so fast and I could not go for HANAMI after all since this year it boomed much earlier than usual. Hopefully,I can see it at its peak next year. It was really sad for me but I had a little good news this month instead.

Have you ever seen this cup noodles in Japan?
Laksa Cup noodles from Nisshin

Honestly,I am NOT a big fan of instant noodles but I LOVE it!
Last year,our manager Kana-san gave me this.(She knows well what I like.)
It was not my first time to eat Laksa.I had eaten it when I was in Australia because the owner of my shared house who is originally from Singapore often used to cook it for me.The cup noodle reminded me his Laksa.
After I had the cup noodle one once,I have been crazy about it and bought a BOX of them at

However,it is seldom sold in Japan and it was not anywhere to be seen after that.I had not eaten it for almonst a year,but this month when I opened my drawer,I found this as a gift from her again!
YESSSS!!!!!!!!! I really really appreciated her again.

Although I finally could get it ,it is still so scarce.
If anybody find it,please....Please let me know!

Inuyama Festival

On 7 April, 2018, I visited Inuyama in Aichi prefecture for the first time as there is an annual big event-- Inuyama festival. Inuyama is similar to Takayama where I have been living for 3.5 years.
Inuyama can be easily accessed by Meitetsu train from Nagoya and it only takes 30 minutes.

Inuyama is famous for its castle -- Inuyama Castle, one of the national treasure in Japan. It was built in 1537 and one of the wooden-built castle in Japan where you can see the panoramic views overseeing the Kiso river. I am very lucky to visit Inuyama in sunny day where the view is so spectacular that I will never forget.

What I like Inuyama the most is the old town where you can try a lot of local snacks and also visiting local shops vending various kinds of products. It seems that I was walking in old Japan!
My favorite snack is Dengaku, the roasted tofu with sweet soya sauce. Please try if you are visiting there.

The highlight of the festival is the night parade while each float is lit by 365 Japanese lanterns with the sound of the Japanese flutes and drums. The float is carried by at least 30 young men. It is quite scary to see how the floats turn at the corner while one side of the men (about 20 people) need to lift the floats up one side by themselves. It is a parade which requires a lot of labour and energy.

How about visiting Inuyama as a day trip from Nagoya?
I recommend it if you would like to experience the old Japan!


View from the Inuyama castle

Kiso river (view from the Inuyama castle)

The festive float in the night festival parading along the streets

A local snack- Dengaku

Moka Express

I recently drink coffee brewed by Moka Express.

 You can easily make espresso by this small thing.
 And tastes very good.

If you drink latte, try making it by Moka Express.
It is fun to spend some times on making coffee!!


Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana hostel.
It's Kana here.
Did you Enjoy Full bloom SAKURA (Cherry blossom)  who stayed in Japan in early April?

If you did,

Did you try OHANAMI??  Ohanami is " Cherry blossom Viewing" in Japanese.
What we do is we enjoy eating and drinking with family, friends or coworkers under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms.

Nice and super relaxing!
People who did not know about this one of beautiful Japanese culture "OHANAMI", Please try next year!
Sakura bloom such a short 2 weeks..
So Don't miss it!
(After 1 week...)

Cherry Blossom viewing at Osaka Castle Park

Hello! This is Misaki from Osaka Hana Hostel. How's everyone doing?
I'm so happy it's getting warm lately!

My mom and I decided to go Osaka Castle Park to see cherry blossom 2 days ago. It had been a long time to visit there. I don't even remember when was the last time I came here Lol

I found a new complex called Jo-terrace Osaka right after got off at Osaka Castle Park Station.
There was no place to eat or drink coffee until a few years ago, I was so surprised and impressed about it!

We wanted to go Nishinomaru Garden where you can see bunch of cherry blossom trees but the park was much huge than I expected so we were kinda loss Lol

As you can see these photos, it wasn't full-bloomed but was absolutely beautiful!

After watching cherry blossom, we had Takoyaki for dinner at Wanaka.
There is a brunch in Shinsaibashi too but this place you can make your own Takoyaki!
Making Takoyaki is pretty difficult for the first time but it would be fun:)

Tokyo trip!!

Hi there, It's Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

Last month, finally I went to Tokyo to see my friend!!
We've planed this trip since October 2017 though, there has been lot of happenings one after the other. So Finally I DID IT !!

(I really appreciate to staff to let me take holidays even tough shift.)

*First day*
When I arrived in Tokyo and immediately I slept at my friends house. I was too tired.
After sleeping, we head to Tokyo disney land at 19:00.

We didn't have enough time but we tried everything we could.
I enjoyed a lot, but one of attraction '' Star wars'' made me dead.
I felt sick and it let me down too much.

*Second day*
 3years a go, we made promise to go to Hawaiians in Fukushima.
The times finally comes. We rent a car and to get there!!
I got the free 1 day ticket for Water slide and did it forever like be a kid again.
 ç”»åƒã«å«ã¾ã‚Œã¦ã„る可能性があるもの:2人、Shiori Egashiraさんを含む、、スマイル、立ってる(複数の人)、植物、木、屋外
It was so much fun! I was exhausted to be giddy.

But during driving on highway to back to Tokyo, I got caught by a police because I drove passing lane over 2km. I had to pay fine 6000yen. My driver license was supposed to be Gold... It let me down again. (T_T)

*Third day*
Last day in Tokyo.
Slept til noon, we went to have korean restaurant for lunch my wishies before I take a flight.
it was not as good taste as i thought. ''So-So''
I've never had so-so Gamjatang.

What I want to say,
when you're traveling, unexpected things are sure to happen.
anyway I wanna apologize to bother my friend(´;ω;`)gomenne

When I arrived in Hiroshima, I relaxed so much.
I thought I like Hiroshima that is not so city and not so country side from bottom of my heart.
I was so glad to see friend but Tokyo trip is little too much for me this time.

Next time, I would never chose Star wars and not to drive on highway in Tokyo and not to say ''I wanna eat gamjatang ''

Hot pot party!

Hi there~
This is Yuka from Osaka Hana Hostel.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a party with Toya who is a night staff of Hana.
She had never eaten a Kimchi nabe before, so we decided the menu at that day to Kimchi nabe.

There were many vegetables, meats, mushrooms and Gyoza which made by myself in that one.

But actually it was so warm at that day even at night so it was not suitable for nabe.
Because of Kimchi has a effect to warm the body, thereby sweating.
It has a good effect on a cold body, but if eat on a hot day...

As you know, we were eating them while saying "Hot! Hot! Spicy! Spicy!" and while sweating.
We thought should have eaten them in winter season.
Next time we will eat on a colder day.

But we were really enjoy to eat them.
And I think Toya also was able to have a good experience about Kimchi nabe.







Wikipedia 出典








Hey, this is Shiz from J-Hoppers Hiroshima. OK, this is a bit early but summer is coooomiiiiing!! Haha I know it's too early but I just LOVE SUMMER!! I'm trying to get my beach body ready.

I've liked doing weights now and then but for the first time in my life, I joined the gym and have been going there for 5 months now. It's fun and I feel great every time when I hit the gym!My body line? Weight? Yes, it has changed and is changing llittle by little.
Today, for the first time, I took a personal training from a professional trainer. It was just like OMG, was hard but fun and I could feel the difference.

Why didn't I join the gym earlier. This is so addictive! I definitely have more energy, too. Maybe this could be a problem when I go out drinking with friends, we always end up with talking about work outs, supplements, muscles, food...etc and at the end we start showing each other how you do your work outs in a bar lol.

My goal is super body transformation by's more like a dream haha but no challenge no change. Ganbarimasu!(I'll do my best!)






その名もクリアクリーン 球と極細 超密着ワイド ふつう(1本入)







Colourful NYC

Early Feb, me and my boyfriend visited New York - where he was born and raised.

It was my second time visiting there, last time was 12years ago when I didn't speak the language, and everything was overwhelming.

Long way there - 2 times of transit and we almost lost our luggage, and stuck in the airplane in Canada but we finally made it to NYC.
snowy Toronto
And we got invited for my boyfriend's friend's party soon after we landed there - it was in Red Hook which is another hot spot and very industrial area. He is an artist and just opened his new studio that is a warehouse.

That was absolutely NYC experience which gave me a chance to meet a lot of cool people, and many of his friends who are very welcoming and easy to talk to. The place had DJs, artworks and great vibes in the middle of sketchy area. Amazing first night in NYC!

From Day2, I got to see some people I always wanted to hang out again.

NYC bagels with Karim! I first met him in Kyoto when he was studying for summer, and now he lives/works in NYC. So nice catching up with him, talking about people we both know!

And next day we met up with Sam, who stayed at J-Hoppers back in January! He's managing really cool site which has Brooklyn Flea, we really enjoyed talking about how different our lives can be in both Japan and America. He showed us around and gave us a lift! (Thank you!)   

And on Valentine's day, we got to hang out with Jen and Narrick who visited us in Kyoto last year!

We met up at a bar in Brooklyn and then went to Brooklyn Bowl to see a live-show by The Wailers! They used to play with Bob Marley, their music is fun to dance to, and so felt much energy and message!

And of course we really enjoyed family time, we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday with his parents and their friend, and spent a lot of time talking to get to know each other better.

Time flies - it felt like we just arrived last night but actually spent a week!
It was so great seeing our friends again, visiting some cool sites, meeting new people and overall, experiences great NYC again. His family is mixed (dad is from Macedonia, mom is from Argentina), and they live in Queens which is most diversified place in the world. Most of his friends' family got really unique background too. NYC is so vivid and cultured, very welcoming and exciting place - glad to have local to show me around, and thank you J-Hoppers Kyoto team to have given me holiday!

I'd love to go back again in the near future!

delicious Macedonian Ajvar