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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

"Walk in Yukata & Sake Tasting Party" on May 28th(Sun)

Hi there! It's Chippy from J Hoppers Hiroshima Guesthouse.

Have you tried wearing Yukata?
When the summer season comes, it's time for us to wear Yukata and go to festivals!

If you are interested in dressing up in Japanese traditional costume and enjoying the best Sake in Japan, there's some BIG event you never want to miss!
"Walk in Yukata & Japanese Sake Party" consists of two parts; Yukata experience and Sake tasting. You can choose to join either event or both of them.

They held a Sake tasting party last month, and this time the participation fee is knocked down to 2,000yen from 3,000yen!!
Also, if you join both events, you'll get another 500yen discount! That's awesome!

To get more details and buy tickets, visit their website;

Walk in Yukata & Japanese Sake Party

Date: May 28th (Sun)
Hours: Walk in Yukata : 2:00pm-5:00pm
         Japanese Sake Party : 5:00pm-7:00pm
Fee:    Walk in Yukata : 1,500yen
        Japanese Sake Party : 2,000yen
      Walk in Yukata & Japanese Sake Party : 3,000yen
Place:  Yukata walk : Peace Memorial Park
          Sake party : Future English Hiroshima (10 minutes walk from the park)

Tickets are available online;

If you talk to the reception staff before you obtain your ticket, you might be able to get extra discount...or not :P

Takayama - una ciudad que no debes perderte la oportunidad de visitar

Hoy me gustaría presentaros la ciudad donde vivo que se llama Takayama. Takayama no es tan famosa como otras ciudades en Japon como Tokyo o Kyoto pero es muy bonita y tiene mucho que ofrecer. 

Quizás este hecho os sorprenda, pero de verdad Takayama es la ciudad más grande en Japón, tan grande como la prefectura de Tokyo. Pero más del 90% de la tierra es bosque y su población es solo de 90,000 habitantes. Por eso, si vas fuera del centro, hay mayor probabilidad de que veas animales como osos a que veas personas. Si no quieres chocar con un oso en el campo, lo mejor es que te traigas un silbato contigo. No es una broma. De verdad hay osos en esta area aunque por suerte nunca he visto uno. 

Takayama es elevada y montañosa por eso en invierno hace mucho frío y nieva mucho aquí. Pero en verano hace un poco menos de calor que en otras ciudades de Japón. Puedes disfrutar del impresionante paisaje durante las 4 estaciones. Hay muchas actividades y festivales interesantes que puedes hacer o en las que puedes participar aquí también. Si vienes en verano u otoño, puedes hacer senderismo en las montañas y ver los fuegos artificiales mientras que en invierno puedes esquiar o visitar un pueblo famoso cerca de Takayama, llamada Shirakawa-go para ver las casas tradicionales cubiertas en nieve. 

En el central de Takayama, hay un área mas famosa con calles y casas antiguas. Las tiendas en este área están abiertas hasta más o menos las 5 de la tarde. Durante el día esta área está lleno de turistas pero por la noche está muy tranquila. Por eso merece la pena pasear allí por la noche también. Takayama es famoso por su sake, el alcohol japonés, también porque la calidad del arroz y el agua en esta área es excepcional. Hay 6 fábricas de alcohol de sake aquí y puedes probarlas allí. 

Por la mañana, puedes visitar lo mercados, en los que mujeres mayores y amables venden vegetales y frutas frescas y de temporada, y productos hechos artesanalmente. No debes perderte la oportunidad de probar las manzanas y los melocotones de Takayama que son riquísimos! 

Por último, pero no menos importante, las personas que vivien en Takayama son bastante simpáticas y aunque no hables japonés, están dispuestas a ayudarte. Creo que esta será la cosa mas memorable durante tu estancia en esta ciudad. Hay un frase que me gusta mucho en Japonés: Ichi-go Ichi-e (一期一会)que significa un encuentro de sola una vez en la vida. Seguro que "Ichi-go Ichi-e" esta esperandote aqui en Takayama.

New Recipe

It is always a good fun making a time-consuming cuisine.
Especially when it is a new recipe, it feels like you are doing sort of an experiment.

This time, I made "Chicken-breast Ham".

I got this recipe from our night-duty staff A-Chan the other day.

First off, I put some sugar and salt on the chicken breast (200g~ ) then left it in the fridge for a half day to one then soaked it into a bowl of water for about 30 minutes to wash out salt and sugar completely.

After I desalinated checken breast, shaped it like a candy with cling film and tossed it in a pot filled up with hot water. Then turned off the heat and left it for around 30 mninutes.

And put it back in the fridge and left it for 10 minutes to cool it down.

I forgot to take a picture of how its inside looked like...

It looks like row chicken so a bit weird to tasted it for the first time but it was actually well cooked inside and tasted good!

If you are interested in making " Cheicken-breast Ham", tell me the result.

Playing tourist/guide in Takayama

Hi everyone, it is Nana from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse.
This week some of my friends came to Takayama.
I took some day off to show them around, and it was quite fun to play again the tourist here.

My friends stay three nights so I got two days to go around Takayama.

About 13km Loop
As the first day seemed to be not rainy we decided to walk a lot ! A LOT !
We start by eating a big breakfast at Hosoheya in front of the Jinya. This place open early and offer a Japanese breakfast : rice, miso soup, raw of fried egg, nori, cooked legumes and pickles ; for 650 yen, but I recommend to take the Komo-dofu as a side dish, a lot way of eating tofu, for 250 yen.  Then we went to the morning markets and reached the Kitayama park for it view on the mountains and city. From there we headed to the Shiroyama walking course through the graves and forest, my friends was nice enough to follow me... Then we get a lunch at Dining Bull before leaving for the next destination : Hida Folk village. We must have spent two hours there before going back to J-Hoppers where we rested and choose our dinner place, which change because the place was close and finished in Chapala, a mexican restaurant.
The Hida Folk Village

The Showa-kan Museum
The next day we went the Museum of Art and History of Takayama. This museum is a free entrance one and is nice because it presents all most every aspect of Takayama since its beginning under Kanamori and the Edo period. The first rooms have a lot of English explanation and sometimes volunteer guide can also show you around. We left the Museum and had a look to the Library which is an ancient school. Then we get soba at Daikokuya, near the Enako river less crowded than the Yasugawa avenue. Then we visited the Showa-kan museum, a nostalgia museum, free entrance is 800 yen. Afterward we walk along the old streets and enter some cute shops. Quite tired we got some rest in at Coffee Don and pay a visit to the Kokubunji temple and its Ginko Biloba, a giant tree. For the night we went to Heianraku a Chinese Local restaurant absolutely delicious and comfy.
Cute crafts and shops in Sannomachi

For the last morning we took a breakfast near the Kaji bridge and spent some times at the morning markets before splitting in front of the Jinya.

Morning market and breakfast
It was really a while since I showed around Takayama to some friends. It was also really nice to spent those two days with my friends who are starting there working holiday in Japan.
And who knows I may show you around Takayama next times, but from now I have some learning to do...

UNESCO registration festival in Takayama

Hello everyone, it is Nana in Takayama.

As you may know Takayama is famous for its festival normally held twice a year once in spring and once in fall. 

However, this year hold a special edition to celebrate the registration of the floats to the UNESCO patrimony. For this edition both fall and spring floats where gathered in the city. You can enjoy all the Karakuri story on one day and two different lion dances as spring and fall have different one. Most of our guests did not know about the event and got really excited with it.

I got to see the spring floats once again and more of the night festival than the spring edition during which I only watched the start.

Sakura hunting on bicycle

On my day off a few days ago, blessed with marvelous weather, I went on a sakura-hunting day-trip on my bicycle, from Takayama to Kokufu. I mainly followed the path along the river, which is lined with cherry blossoms trees in certain sections. As you might notice, the cherry blossoms season in Takayama is a bit later than many other areas on Japan due to its high altitude and bitterly cold winter. Even during the sakura season, the temperature can still drop to nearly 0 degree, and quite a few of our guests have been caught off guard by this, not being prepared for such freezing temperature in the early morning and at night.

However, as the sakura season is coming to an end, we will be welcoming new green shoots and warmer weather soon.  But for the time being, please enjoy seeing the beautiful pink colors decorating the route all the way from Takayama to Kokufu. I do recommend you do a cycling trip from Takayama, venturing a bit far outside of the city so that you can enjoy fantastic views of the natural landscape.








1人あたりの料金はそこそこ高いけど、カップルプランとかペアフレンズプランを使ったらお安く着物を楽しむことが出来ますよ(*‘ω‘ *)



↓↓↓ 私が選んだ着物はこちら ↓↓↓


↓↓↓ ヘアアレンジはこちら ↓↓↓






↓↓↓ じゅんさんが選んだ着物はこちら ↓↓↓


↓↓↓ けーた君が選んだ着物はこちら ↓↓↓





男気じゃんけん とは?



ご馳走様です(*‘ω‘ *)





*京都着物レンタル夢館 -ゆめやかた-






30 day squat challenge !

Hi there ! Madi is here :)

Recently I started doing exercise whenever I have time.
I don't know why but since I started working here, I have been super lazy lol
so didn't do any exercise at all :(
Nowadays it is getting warm and nice to start doing exercise so I started going for jogging (I'm super beginner so run like a turtle lol, well does it run actually !?) and plus  doing "30day squat challenge". This may ring your bell if you were in states last year or other countries around states maybe, I'm not too sure.
Anyway it was popular idea for ladies to get nice or I'd say sexy shape on your butt and suddenly some of my friends started so I joined them.

This is actually easy to keep doing for next 30 days if you already get used to exercise but for me, the first 4 days were so tough :( If my friends were not doing then I would have given up already so thanks to my friends !
Now so far I'm doing well constantly so hope I can get the good result. (I'm sure that I wouldn't get that ↑ sexy butt like the lady. lol That would be great though !)
Now I can't wait to share the result with my friends soon :)

Catcha ! xo



大体は夜中、お酒を飲んだ後に行くことが多いので、背脂ギットギトの濃いラーメンを食べてます。 去年の健康診断で中性脂肪が多めだったので気を付けたいとおもいます。



4月15日から始まったKyotoGraphie 色んな国の色んな写真家・アーティストが京都市内の各所の建物で作品を披露しています。

見に行ったのは ハンネ・ファンデル・バウデ という写真家の個展。






Hi.This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

Are you a Cat🐱 person or a Dog🐶 person?
I prefer dogs especially Shiba dogs:one of Japan’s six native breeds and one of the most popular dogs all over the world. I am a big fan of them.
Once you open my Instagram,you can see many photos of them since I follows many people who have Shibas.
He is one of the most famous Shibas in Japan. 
▼If you are a dog-lover,please check it out!▼ 
  @marutaro Japanese Shiba MARU

My grandpa also has a Shiba,named Ryu,and every time we visit him we take her for a walk .She is not a puppy but small because she is a breed of dog, called Mame(small-sized) Shibas.This month,I went with my sister to my grandpa's house.
 It was such a nice day.We stayed out side for a long time.
During walking with my sister and Ryu,we found many spring plants and picked up some  and after that asked my grandma to cook them. This is how I enjoy my spring.Enjoy the rest of your spring!  
Look! How small she is...

Microbrewery Beer Festival

Hi. This is Tomomi from Hiroshima HANA.

It's getting hot in Hiroshima.
Did you enjoy the cherry blossoms in Japan?
Actually all cherry blossoms have fallen already, but it was so beautiful!!

5min walk from Hana hostel
A few days ago, I visited the Microbrewery Beer Festival at a park near the Atomic-bomb Dorm in Hiroshima for the first time.
It was a really hot day. So a lot of people enjoyed having various kinds of beer and I saw some people already wearing T-shirts. Also a lot of tourists were there.

Actually, I don't like beer.:D But there are a lot of food stalls which sell really tasty food! So even if you do not like beer, you can enjoy the beer festival and it's admission free. If I have time, I will go to this festival again next year.