Sweets to go...

Hi there, it's been really mild. Can't believe it's still in the middle of winter.
Weather these days are just like a beginning of spring !
Whether it gets freezing cold , coldness doesn't bother my passion for an ice cream ..!!
I'm crazy about ice creams and I had a eating record 5 scoops of ice creams at once:-)
I've worked at gelato shop and I learnt the process of making them.
What's the difference between gelato and ice cream ?
The biggest difference is the proportion of air content.
The percentage of air content of gelato is much larger than ice cream therefore, gelato is fluffy . 
Moreover, what makes gelato fluffy is low-fat and high-protein.
Protein is a stabilizer so it has a responsibility to make a body of gelato.
Just good proportion of milk fat , sugars and stabilizers are a important key to make a good gelato. 

There are roughly two types of gelato, one is milk based and the other one is sorbet.
Milks and creams are adjusted with a variety of flavors.
Vanilla, Chocolate, Tiramisu Cookies and creams, Pistachio are popular milk based ice cream.
As I mentioned before, the percentage of each ingredients should be precise so that makes gelato fluffy and nice smooth texture.

On the other hand, sobet is a adjustment of water and fruits.
It doesn't contain milk or cream so if you are dairy free, this is for you !
This time, stabilizers have a huge responsibility to decide the texture.

This is like a work of art !!
Gelato is no or less fat therefore, the aroma stands out and rich in taste !
Personally, I prefer milk based ice cream and I love any nutty flavors :-)
Umm…Mouth watering…


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