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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Hello! This is Minshin from Kyoto Hana Hostel.
I went to Dōgo Onsen few weeks ago, a famous hot spring in Matsuyama, Ehime, on Shikoku, which is one of the oldest in Japan.

It’s especially known for Orange Producing with the character Mikyan.
It was ¥5,500 one round trip from KIX to MYJ by Peach Aviation, one way would have taken 40 minutes.
It has one historic Starbucks in Dougou station.
There will be a glass window enabling customers to enjoy the nostalgic sights of trains coming and going as well as the reinvigorating smell of coffee while they wait for their drinks.
The entrance of souvenir plaza.
The view from the room.
It made famous by the animation Spirited Away.
The breakfast on the morning of the check out day.
The symbolism of Dōgo Onsen.
One of the real Totoro bus stop in Dōgo Onsen.
A little mystery but stunning restaurant.
The rice with minced sea bream, tastes delicious like grandma.
The garden is a ten minute walk from Dōgo Onsen.

Do you like spicy food?

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, It's Kana here.
It's already in August and still getting hot everyday. How is your trip with this crazy hotness weather?please drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Do you like spicy food? I am really into it last few months even it is really getting hot in here.
In Japan, when it is hot we tend to eat spicy foods. Even though we sweat a lot, to get more sweat we eat spicy food. (Maybe)

This is my favorite spicy food which I have it at least once a week.

"Shirunashi Tan Tan Men"

It's like a Ramen but without broth and quite spicy. It is originally from China. You can make how spicy it is by yourself which is quite interesting.  

It is like a Ramen without broth and it is hot.
Ramen is getting really popular every where in the world and there are so many Ramen lover.
If you are, please try Shirunashi Tan Tan Men and discover new Ramen!

You will love it!

Hiking in Norikura

Hi everyone,

It is Nana from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama.
It has been such a long time since I last posted on the blog !

And for come back I choose to speak about my last hike in Norikura.  A group of French customers came and we got along. They came to enjoy the Alps and wanted to go hiking before going to their next destination. So I introduces to them Kamikochi and Norikura. They enjoyed the idea and planned to go to Norikura on my day off, so I jumped on the chance to visit Norikura again with the strong will to go on the top : Kengamine peak.

That was without plan and just after a night shift and when we departed the next morning I was not really prepare for a hike wearing my everyday sneaker and a tank top (that will caused me a really sunburn) However, at was on the bus at 8:40 to reach the mountains, and we start hiking about 10:15 heading to the top. The condition was almost the best 16 degree Celsius and kind wind.

Tatamidaira viewed from the track to Kengamine
Tatamidaira is the highest bus stop in Japan
On the way we met a majority of Japanese people : highschoolers and hiking circle coming to conquer the 3,026m peak. The first half is really easy to walk, not really going up and offering good views.

Some eternal snow on the way
Can you see the meteorological building on the back ?

The Echo Line descending to Norikura Kogen

The French buddies of the day
Thank you so much for taking me with you
(Kengamine is visible ! The highest peak on the back)
Then you reach one hut before the beginning of the climb. This hut offer some lunch and sweet as well as public toilet. Once you pass through the hut here starts the really mountain hike, we only walked 30mn and have still a way to go ! The path changed from a vehicle used path to a more rough one.
Here starts the hiking path

Reaching the top ?
Looking behind, the clouds were coming from Takayama's side

Between the two peaks

The last struggle before the summit
The weather on Matsumoto side is so much better
From the top looking down to the trail 
From the top looking down to Norikura Kogen
 After having our lunch on the top with a Japanese group and another lone Japanese who speaks French, we headed back to Tatamidaira. We then walk on the really gentle Alpen flower park.
Alpen flower track is leisure walk easily accessible from Tatamidaira parking


Then the two guys waited for me and Tiphaine who decided to go to the top of Mahou peak to finish this hiking day.

On the way to Maho peak

The peak on the back is Kengamine viewed from Maho peak
We finally went down and board the 15:20 bus bring us back to Honokidaira and then Takayama. That was a great day and my only regret is the beautiful sunburn I got... It is not because the weather is cloudy on the temperature almost fresh that you are protected from the sun and UVs... Do not forget to protect yourself using sunscreen at least 2 or 3 times, and drink a lot.

We are looking forward to the start of our new tour in Norikura.
If you would like to go there we will be more than happy to introduce the mountains to you !

My best GANSU

I have been living in Hiroshima for 1and a half year.
Finally I found my best GANSU at Miyajima.
It was my first time to eat such a thick and fresh deep fried from the fryer.
I ate it with nice beer but it was stolen by deer(T_T).
The deer drank beer.

Solo Travel in Hokkaido

Hello! This is Misaki from Osaka Hana Hostel.

About a week ago, I went to Hokkaido by myself!

It was my third times to do solo travel. My first time was in Taiwan,
I was a bit scary but everything was perfect like people are nice, food is delicious and affordable I didn't really spend much money out there.
Anyhow I wanted to do it again😝

The reason why I choose Hokkaido is one day one of a guest who stayed at Osaka Hana he only knew big cities in Japan, he asked me where else should I go?
then I suggested him Hokkaido. Although I've been there only once,
I enjoyed a lot and liked the nature so much so I told him everything that I know and after that he made me feel I want to visit Hokkaido again,
And I just decided to go!!LOL

I stayed there for 2 nights 3 days, I visited Sapporo, Otaru and Biei.
The weather was chilly around 20 degree which is completely different from
Kansai area. I regretted that I didn't bring my jacket...
All these places are just amazing especially food!!! Incredibly good👌
Here are some photos that I took in Hokkaido. 

I fed sunflower seed to squirrel:))

A famous pond in Biei(Aoi ike)

Shikisaino oka

Last day sea kayaking in Otaru

Even though I went there by myself,  I didn't really feel lonely because I met lovely people at hotel where I stayed at. Drinking together was one of the best memory:)

Just satisfied

Hello, this is Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

It's been SOOOO HOT since July. I love summer but it is too much 😂I'm gonna melt.
Please be careful heatstroke, everyone.

By the way, I recently made big purchase.

I've been interested in Camping. It is like one of my dream.

Actually I've never go to the camp in my life.
So I asked staff at J-hoppers to get some advice.

It sounds so much fun. So I set my mind on buying many tools!

タフスクリーン2ルームハウス  「ロゴス クーラーボックス」の画像検索結果Coleman(コールマン)クアッドマルチパネルランタン+ランタンケース【お得な2点セット】2000031270 
「寝袋」の画像検索結果     「机 キャンプ」の画像検索結果

Do I need anything else? I am ready to go anywhere anytime.

I got carried away to spend my money and I was so excited,
but when I came to,  I do not have any plan to go to camp at the moment.

And I do not want to open boxes and set up tent now.😑😑😑
It is too hot outside. I lost motivation.

It will be next season they see the light of the day.

Kyoto Gion festival

  Have you already been to Gion festival? It's one of the most traditional & biggest festival in Japan. Floats procession, one of the highlight of the festival, has finished, but do not worry there are still some rituals happen!

25th: Kyogen (traditional Japanese comic theater) performance @ Yasaka shrine
28th: Mikoshi (portable shrine) purification @ Yasaka shrine ~ Kamo river
31st: Purification ceremony @Yasaka shrine

 Extremely hot days continue, please stay hydrated and enjoy sightseeing :)

Pictures: Floats at night time on the other day

Would you like to escape from the heat?

After the heavy rain in begging of July we are now having really hot days.
It makes more harder to work for rescue and disaster recovery in the area affected by heavy rain. I hope temperature get cooler as soon as possible...!! Please!!!

I would like you to show some pictures to make you cool.

←This photo is taken on the Mt. Norikura (Daikokudake : elevation 2,772m high) in the end of May. 
Even in summer you can see some snow on the mountain and people enjoy skiing in summer!

On the Mt. Norikura, you can also enjoy hiking in the cool air (The average temperature of Mt. Norikura is between 11 and 16 °C) . Lots of alpine flowers make you happy and smile :)

Dicentra peregrina is one of my favorite
alpine flowers. They are really gorgeous. 
 ←This photo is taken on the base of Mt. Norikura (elevation about 1,500m high).
Mt. Norikura with snow and waterfall (Zengoro waterfall) look really beautiful in the deep forest. 
If you get closer to the waterfall you can feel lots of negative ion and heal you well. 

I hope above picture make you feel cooler....

We organize a bus tour to Mt.Norikura and Norikura kogen (base of the Mt. Norikura) from Takayama! 
Please join our tour if you would like to escape from the heat! 
For more information please visit our website!

J-Hop Tour

Beach Gains and Beer Garden

Hey, this is Shiz from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

I love this weather! I love summer!!

The other day I hit the beach in Yamaguchi pref called Yu beach.
Water is pretty clear and shallow. There are shops selling food and ice cream.

Because I'm so into training at the gym, our group brought rings and a kettle bell to the beach lol.
We hung the rings with ropes on a tree and did some pull ups and did kettle bell throwing competition. Oh it was hard.
And of course we enjoyed the water and the sun.

After the beach, we headed back to Hiroshima town and went to Beer Garden where you can do all you can eat and drink for max 6 hours!!
It's only 3000yen and you can enjoy tons of food and drinks.
This is one of the ways to survive and enjoy melting hot summer in Japan!!

Weekend gateway in Ise-Shima

I love road trips.
Just drive and stop by wherever, listen to everyone's favorite music and talk about everything and nothing.

This time we visited Mie which was so much closer than we thought, but just didn't think about it before as a big destination.
The first stop was Tsu city, capital of Mie. We had a night stroll to find a place to watch some World cup games, and we found this cute little street called Lantern street - with some bars, karaoke bar an some sketchy places.

We explored a bit more of Tsu next day, had a breakfast at the harbor, checked some craft shops in the town.

And tried this weird/fun/delicious thing in Matsusaka city which is well-known for its local brand beef.

Yes. Conveyor belt BBQ. Oh Japan.

Then we decided to drive up to north to see the lighthouse in Daiou. Please pay a visit if you are a cat lover.

And arrived at the camp site that we reserved a cottage! It's called Ise-Shima Evergrades.

JUST SO RELAXING. Being in nature, grill some fresh local stuff on the bbq grill, see the sunset and stars, hammock, silence. I'll definitely come back here for some other quality time!