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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Colourful NYC

Early Feb, me and my boyfriend visited New York - where he was born and raised.

It was my second time visiting there, last time was 12years ago when I didn't speak the language, and everything was overwhelming.

Long way there - 2 times of transit and we almost lost our luggage, and stuck in the airplane in Canada but we finally made it to NYC.
snowy Toronto
And we got invited for my boyfriend's friend's party soon after we landed there - it was in Red Hook which is another hot spot and very industrial area. He is an artist and just opened his new studio that is a warehouse.

That was absolutely NYC experience which gave me a chance to meet a lot of cool people, and many of his friends who are very welcoming and easy to talk to. The place had DJs, artworks and great vibes in the middle of sketchy area. Amazing first night in NYC!

From Day2, I got to see some people I always wanted to hang out again.

NYC bagels with Karim! I first met him in Kyoto when he was studying for summer, and now he lives/works in NYC. So nice catching up with him, talking about people we both know!

And next day we met up with Sam, who stayed at J-Hoppers back in January! He's managing really cool site which has Brooklyn Flea, we really enjoyed talking about how different our lives can be in both Japan and America. He showed us around and gave us a lift! (Thank you!)   

And on Valentine's day, we got to hang out with Jen and Narrick who visited us in Kyoto last year!

We met up at a bar in Brooklyn and then went to Brooklyn Bowl to see a live-show by The Wailers! They used to play with Bob Marley, their music is fun to dance to, and so felt much energy and message!

And of course we really enjoyed family time, we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday with his parents and their friend, and spent a lot of time talking to get to know each other better.

Time flies - it felt like we just arrived last night but actually spent a week!
It was so great seeing our friends again, visiting some cool sites, meeting new people and overall, experiences great NYC again. His family is mixed (dad is from Macedonia, mom is from Argentina), and they live in Queens which is most diversified place in the world. Most of his friends' family got really unique background too. NYC is so vivid and cultured, very welcoming and exciting place - glad to have local to show me around, and thank you J-Hoppers Kyoto team to have given me holiday!

I'd love to go back again in the near future!

delicious Macedonian Ajvar


北海道満喫 ~



めちゃくちゃ寒かったですが、人生で一度は絶対に 行くべきですね。



Day Trip to Kurahashi island

Hi there! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
We had a SUPER cold winter this year and had snow even here in Hiroshima.However,it has been quite warm since last week.I can feel spring is coming little by little.
I have been getting into driving to islands in Hiroshima lately.
In January,I went on a short trip to  Shimanami-Kaido,which is a 60kilometer long toll road between Onomichi,Hiroshima and Imabari,Ehime.I visited a sacred shrine and had tasty dishes.I was attracted to that.

And this time,I went to Kurahashi island in Kure with my mom,my aunt and her dog,Momo.One day,my mom found a cafe with a good atmosphere on Instagram.
It is called Cafe SLOW.On their website,they say  that there is a terrace which we can have lunch with our dog.It was a bit chilly day but we chose the terrace seat for our sweet dog,Momo. Here is my favorite picture of her with tasty Vietnam food.Look at her face!!

There are also BBQ and oyster huts outside.(Reservation required in advance). After that,we took a stroll along the beach called Katsura'ga'-hama in Kurahashi.It reminded me of Katsura-hama in Kochi. Since I visited Kochi in 2016, I felt like I was there again. It was too cold to swim then but in summer you can swim and also try SUP at Katsuraga-hama.
On the way back home,we also found a heart-shaped island!

If you have a car,I highly recommend you to drive to islands in Hiroshima.
Which island should I go NEXT? :)

Italian Party!

My friends and I had a Italian pizza party the other day.

I was too excited because this time, Pizza was gonna made bya  real Italian man.

So I went his house earlier than other ones to see the process.

Unfortunately, due to many reasons, I could not see how to make a dough for pizza from the beginning...

But other than that I successfully memorized the recipe :)

I forgot taking photos of completion but it looked good and super tasty.

ALso we played "JINRO game".

My friend told me eating pizza, playing Jinro game are typical way to spend night in Italy among college students (I'm not sure about that though).

Flower 🌸

Hi there ! Here is Madi from Kyoto Hana :)

Few days ago, I went to the flower garden in Umeda for taking pictures :)

There were many different kind of spring flowers out there and it was like a little oasis in the metropolis :)

Also on that day, the weather was beautiful and very warm like spring !
So then I could feel that spring is just around corner when I was taking pictures there and it made me so happy ♡

Can't wait to seeing lots of different flowers more in coming season :)

Friends's Wedding

Hi, this is Saho from J-Hoppers Kyoto :)

I was invited to my friends's wedding the other day.
My friend, he worked as a cleaner with us last year and he's married to Japanese woman.
His wife is from Buddhist family so the wedding ceremony was conducted with the combination of both Buddhism and Shintoism at the chapel.
Interestingly , when bride and groom marched into or marched out of the chapel,the background music was something related to Buddhism and during the ceremony, there was some teaching or lessons made by the monk.

It was unique ceremony but I was happy to be there on my friend's big day!

New jeans

Hi, this is Yuto from Hana Hostel Hiroshima.

I got a new jeans!!

 Mostly, jeans you always see at cloths shops are washed once before its go on shops counter. But one I got this time is non-washed. It is very hard and dark colored.

 The reason why I got  non-washed one is I can grow the jeans from the beginning.  At first, I am going to put the jeans in warm water to take off the glue on it, wash in laundry and dry. After these process, finally, I will be able to wear the jeans. If I miss these process, I can't make it good faded color.

 I am going to wear it everyday and make my only one jeans :))

Exploring Okazaki Wonder Land!

I'm Kimy from J-Stay
Big influenza waves (A,B and new one) arrived Japan.
Hope you are fine.
I'm still fine but really need my Chinese medicine Kudzu.

Just I moved to my favorite Okazaki Area which has Heian Big red gate shrine, Art Museums, Rohm theater, Library and philosophy path as traditional and cultural area in Kyoto. This is one of the good spots for Sakura season as well.
My friend was looking for someone who wants to live a couple of month before the middle of April when next guest from Taiwan comes.
So she invited to me live there a while.
My friend is a stained glass artist for 35 years and she introduces herself as " I am a light aritist" so this house has a good light from facade.
And a lovely cat is living there.

Whose name is Tiggar he is sleeping 

BF on one day with nice sun light

winter seasonal fish dish 
 This house has big kitchen so it makes many inspiration for cooking.
We are planning to have Indonesian cooking lesson on March.

Mexican cuisine "FLAUTA"

I tries to go a walk in the morning along philosophy path. The fresh air makes me wake up it is really joy.
Surrounding east mountain chain it is so cold there. In my room I feel I'm outside because when I can see white cold visible breath. :)

I can't wait Sakura season.


Do you like Ramen?

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana hostel, It's Kana here.

What Japanese food do you like the most?? I am from Hiroshima so Okonomiyaki which is Hiroshima's specialty food comes first, but I am really into Ramen since I had short trip to Onomichi last year. Onomichi is well known as Ramen and there are many Ramen restaurant every where. It was like a heaven to me. Ramen for Lunch, Dinner and even for afternoon tea.

I would like to recommend you the one of best Ramen I had ever had recently.
One of coligue accidentally found this restaurant and strongly recommended me as she knew that I was really into Ramen now.

This Ramen called TORISOBA and has little faint scent of citron.Usually Ramen soup is bit or quite heavy but it was light and even finished them all without heartburn!!

If you have any opportunity to try TORISOBA, please give it a try! It won't let you down and you will not regret for sure!