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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Happy Halloween!

It's October 31st today!

A big Halloween event was held in Hiroshima last night and some of our guests put on costumes for the party. Halloween is not so common in Japan, so I always enjoy to see the guests get dressed. :)

We have another Halloween event tonight in town. (details here)
So book now and join the party!

Hope everyone has a good and happy Halloween!

Carving on the River

Someone said that 'What is Art?'...

I don't have the answer about that...but some of Kyoto local nice artist try to show the answer about the question on the Takasegawa- river.

Takasegawa- river is one of the slow river nearby Kiyamachi-street at the center of Kyoto.
On the east side of this street , there are lots of local style pubs, bars and restaurants.
But, you should swing from east side to west side now.they will became a great artist like a Rodin or Michelangel.

It's not quite the same feeling between the day time and night time...

Staff Profile Board

The weather has suddenly become cooler, looking more like autumn recently. There were new changes in members of J-Hoppers Osaka Central with the passage of season. As Pascal was transferred to work in J-Stay, we welcomed two newcomers, Ranna and Kyohei.

So we renewed the staff profile board which is hung on the wall in the lobby.

I would like to introduce Ranna and Kyohei to everyone here.

Ranna, she is stunningly pure and naive. For me, it is like a close encounters of another kind in a way. She is such an unsuspecting person that believes any words that she heard, so I have been apprehensive that she could be deceived easily by some bad people. Anyway, she is just adorable!!

Kyohei, he is very fresh! He has superiority in language ability. Because he speaks English, Italian, (Japanese, of course), and what's more, he has been teaching himself Spanish recently. He's got myriad growth opportunities.

Please warmly and strictly watch over the development of them so that they will be able to go along on the right track in future.

There are also many fun staff in Osaka, such as stable manager; Nori, dependable night worker; Fumi, magician & cleaner; Mr.Yano, talented cleaner; Sachi and genuine cleaner; Sai. We all do our best to make this hostel better each day. Please come to Osaka to meet us and stay with us!

Warm and Happy Nabe :)

Nabe is Japanese style hotpot and it is basically surved in winter time.

It's been freezing in Japan this couple of days and I had Nabe for the first time this winter with my co-workers yesterday! It was actually my birthday and they held a surprise Nabe party for me:) They prepared Gyoza (Chinese dumpling) Nabe yesterday. They made all the single dumpling by hand and it must have taken so long... The Nabe was sooo good and it made me feel so happy too.
After we finished it, there was another surprise!
Chika made a pumpkin cake for my birthday! How awesome co-workers I have...!

It was a great birthday and thank everyone for the happy surprises!!!

A nice new cafe bar 'LOG' near J-hoppers Hiroshima ♪

Hi there!
It's becoming more and more like winter.
Winter is right around the corner...
I feel a cold coming on...ahchoo!

Today,I recommend a nice new cafe bar 'LOG'.
Just 30 seconds walks from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

This cafe is very nice. The decor and music are relaxing, and the owner is great,too!
They sell some stylish clothes,leather items and accessories etc..

Why don't you relax with nice sake and enjoy talking about your trip at a nice restaurant?

opening hour 13:00~24:00
CLOSED    Tuesday

The remain of Pascal

First of all, we have an apology to French guests because we lost our French staff Pascal from J-Hoppers Osaka about 2 months ago.. so, please speak to us in English or Japanese, sometimes some German or Italian,Chinese is also available though(not all of staff) , and ask us "How can I get a job in Japan?" things, we will try to give you information as much as possible.

He helped us a lot, of course not only speaking French. He makes yummy crepe and cake, and a good game planner, very strong and always helps guests to carry luggage, and love to make us laugh!
But he is still our staff, just changed his work place to Kyoto, so we can see each other anytime.

Also, he left the big work in our TV lounge, so we feel and remind of him whenever we see it.

It dates back about 1 year ago, we found the article "One Hundred view of Heisei (means like "Must to see in Japan" in newspaper and their photos were really beautiful, so we put them on wall as display. But color was getting fading, so we decided to laminate to protect it, then Pascal had more great idea - making a Japanese map !

We agreed his idea, then he started making plan it.. took loooong time to actually,and TV lounge became his atelier.

It was like ..

Standing stuffs are couch.. You know how big it is.

Break time .. playing as Izanagi(One of God in Japan)

He started from Kyushu(South of Japan)

Put each area's name and numbers of photos..


3D sign of J-Hoppers !

. . . but you might have something on your chest.. in around North part?
We do,too. Because we missed one newpaper and couldn't have a part of this article. We tried, but the newspaper company didn't keep it, so we gave up to have them.

However, after he finished this work, our boss called to the newpaper company and tried again,
as he also wanted to accomplish it.
Thanks to his enthusiasm, the staff of the newspaper told us that they've actually kept data and could print out and send to us!!

We're so happy to hear it, and brought Pascal back to finish into his own hand !

and then,..


To look these photos, we could know how we haven't know many places in Japan yet, and let us plan next trip as well.

Why don't you come and stay at our hostel to plan your next destination, and tell us how many places you've been already ??

Leaf peeping!!

Finally, I went to see the colorful autumn leaves to

Mt.Norikura and Mt.Mominuka last week.

23rd Oct

Mt. Norikura

How to get to Norikura by bus

★Takayama B.C - Honokidaira→ticket:1,180 yen(one way) 40 min

★Honokidaira-Norikura→ticket:2,200 yen (round trip) 45 min

You can enjoy the great view from the bus window!!

It was a beautiful sunny day that day!

Everything was so beautiful:)

From Honokidaira

24th Oct


Big Map

Mt.Mominuka is located between Takayama and Shirakawago.

We went through Amou pass into bottom point of a trail up a mountain.

There are some accidents because of bears this year!

The weather was not good.

But we could enjoy beautiful autumn leaves:)

Autumn Illumination in Hida Falk Village.

It's getting cold as days go by.
The season for autumn leaves will started at the beginning of October.
Takayama's trees are start changing there color.

Do you know nice place to see it at night time?
There is a Hida Falk Village in Takayama.

They illuminated trees and houses during the season.

Date : every Saturday ,Sunday and public holiday between 23rd Oct. and 14th Nov.
Time: 17:30-21:00
fee (for this hours): Adult 300yen Children:100yen

How to get there?
There are buses to Hida Fork Village , but there are no bus after16:29
If you walk to there , it will take about 20-30min.
If you catch a taxi from Takayama station, it will cost 1,300yen.

▲▲□Architecture tour got a good start!!▲▲▲

Hi there!!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

The other day,I joined the party of ARCH-WALK HIROSHIMA (AWH).
First of all,please let me explain about ARCH-WALK HIROSHIMA (AWH).AWH is
a citizens' group aiming to disseminate the pleasure of architecture walk. they are engaged in holding architectural events and compiling an architecture guide book.

During the day,the staff of AWH and about 60 people visited to lots of building in Hiroshima city and learning how to built it in the past.
They went to Hiroshima Peace park,Memorial Cathedral for World Peace,Hiroshima Andersen and Motomachi & Choju-en High-rise Apartment Complexes.

I really wanted to join the activity.But when I noticed the event,its too late!!
So I was
headed to the restaurant with a bit disappointment.
However,as soon as the party got started,my feeling was changed for even a moment!
During the party,I heard and learnt about the architecture Hiroshima.

They were also suggested that how to see the architecture!!
Just I introduce it quickly,

Step1, Stop and Observe!!
(Stop and observe the architecture from many angles.Even familiar buildings will look different from different standpoints.)

Step2,Take Photos
(Watch your manners and take photos of your favorite buildings.Good front-lighting is okay to success.)

Step3,Pat Attention to Details
(Examine details like forms,textures,and shade of pillars and window frames.)

Step4,Think Why
(Why this design?Look into architects' aspirations and historical backdrops.)

What do you think??I think these all tracks are so helpful for people who just have been interested in architecture.
So If you are interested in it,and when you see a building or something which is
attractive for you,please remember the all steps which I told you on this blog!!

For your information,they published free magazine about the architecture of Hiroshima recently.
You can get it at the cafe of shops in Hiroshima city.
For the details,plz check their website!!

Well,,,with this guide book.Where I gonna go next......:-)

Monkey bathing(Yudanaka) in Nagano

Hi there ,I am Matsu from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama.

Have you heard about Monkeys bathing in hot-spring ?

If you didn't know about it,it is in guide book of Lonely planet.

I have wanted to go to check this place out for long time.

Finally I went there in my car the other day.It is pretty far from Takayama, took 4 hours drive.

It is located in a remote area near Matsumoto city in Nagano prefecture.

It is a popular day trip from Matsumoto city,taking 2 hours trip by JR and private train.

Entry fee : adult/child 500yen/25oyen

Open hours 8:30-17:00(Apr-Oct) 9:00~16(Nov~Mar)

↓Adults monkeys like bathing

↓The younger monkey's didn't seem intrested in bathing instead they just mucked around.

You can check this park by live camera following the address as above

Cosplay at JH Kyoto?!

It's Azusa from JH Kyoto.
How are you enjoying Autumn?

I feel much comfortable to chill out in this season.

Recently, we decorated our lobby into Halloween.
Halloween is still not that famous in Japan.
But, it's so exciting to decorate them for me!!

We also prepared some costumes.
(well, we always have some funny and great ones here.)

such as Samurai, Geisha wigs and Kimono...e.t.c

Don't they look GOOD??

Some of the guests are very interested in trying them
and enjoy taking photos.

We are thinking to have some more costumes.

I'm very glad that everyone smiles
when they are being something different.

We are welcome to try them on whenever you come to JH Kyoto!!

Ciao !

Koumyouji and Yoshiminedera Temples

Last week we had another pleasant trip to visit the 20th temple of the pilgrimage of the 33 temples in Kansai : Yoshiminedera. It's located not far away from Kyoto, almost at the top of Ponpon mountain near Mukou city (south west of Kyoto), and has been built by Genzan Shounin in 1029. Then we decided to go there by bicycle, and to make a stop at the Koumyouji temple which was on the way, at the foot of Ponpon mountain.
From Kyoto, ride on the Gojo street toward west, when you meet the road #67 go down south until Mukou city, and then follow the direction for Koumyouji. From there the road #208 will bring you to the Yoshiminedera. (Google map) From Mukou city, the landscape is getting enjoyable, and around the Koumyouji we've been surprised by the number of bamboo forests.
The Koumyouji seems to be a very interesting place for momiji sightseeing. At the moment, only few leaves have turned red, and we could benefit of the 'off season' entrance fee and peaceful atmosphere. The monk also let us kindly go and enter by ourselves in a secondary building with a beautiful Buddha statue. Alone on this peaceful place, listening at birds and wind in the trees, seated on the fragrant tatami... we would have taken a nap rather than heading to the steep slope toward Yoshiminedera !
When we reached it, the fresh air of the mountain overcame our sweating bodies. Don't forget to bring a jacket if you go there ! We parked on the bus area at the entrance of the temple precinct and continued by foot. The Yoshiminedera is very vast. A recommended walk is provided at the entrance and we followed it. The view of Kyoto is absolutely wonderful. I'm certain that's a unique spot to see at once all the bonfires of Okuribi... Also it's a kind of paradise if you love greenery as it's a 'flower temple', a temple gathering and protecting a wide variety of plants. The masterpiece is a 600 years' old pine whose branches spread 52 meters long (actually it's currently a little less due to some disease but anyway) !!

And now some pictures :