Backpackers Hostel "J-Hoppers" & "Hana Hostel"

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Tea Ceremony

Hello, this is Chiaki from J-hoppers Hida Takayama.
Now it's getting hot like summer. I'm almost melting :(

By the way, from this April, I started to have "tea lesson" every week.
My aim is to be "real" Japanese girl.
I mean "tea ceremony" is  one of symbols for Japanese culture, but most of Japanese people don't know how to behave in a tea room recently.
Thus I started to have the lesson to learn more about our own culture.

Long time ago, there is "Samurai" who have a sward all the time for a battle.
Even in those era, a tea room is the only place that Samurai put their sward away from them. That is to say, a tea room is the only peaceful place for everyone.

In a tea room, there is so many rules.
It's not just for memorize, but it's consideration for other people. We call it "Omoiyari" in Japanese. We need kind and thoughtful mind to make or have a green tea.

Since a long time, mother has told "Omoiyari" spirits to their children through teaching how to have a tea ceremony. That's why Japanese people are recognized  as very polite people by many foreigners.
However, the times have changed, and the habit has also changed. Children are not told about tea ceremony by their parents anymore. (some parents still do probably) I think that's why selfish and inconsiderate people has increased. It's my personal opinion though...

I think learning about tea ceremony is very important option for Japanese. I cannot believe why we cut the important habit from our lives.
We need a lot of time to learn how to behave in a tea room, but I think tea ceremony is the most precious culture for Japanese.

If you come to Japan, please try it.
Then you will experience the depth of Japanese culture.

COCOS renewal OPEN!!

COCOS is a cafe on the 1st floor here★
Yesterday COCOS re-opened after renovation!

Kaoru is managing this cafe. Then her coffee and hand-made curry are really good!!
I recommend eating Onigiri, rice ball set especially for non- Japanese people.
Although you can get them at convenience stores, real onigiri is super nice.
Hand made onigiri is a soul food for Japanese people.

This picture is inside of COCOS.
I am sure you feel comfortable because of everything is new!

We send flowers to celebrate! This color is suitable for Kaoru! 

This is outside and entrance.
If you stay in Osaka Hana Hostel, you get 50yen off discount!

Please enjoy breakfast or launch at COCOS!

My New Favorite (^皿^)/

My goal for the last year was "Going to a Dentist" however I did not achieve it as you expected.

Since my mom had a big problem with her tooth during her trip in NZ, I finally decided to go to a dentist before I fly to Spain (Oleee!).

I was a kid who used to have a bad tooth so I used to have 2 silver crowns and 1 silver inlay in my mouth..... Until last week!

And now I have ceramic ones in my mouth! I love them because they look very natural (^皿^)/
I'm really happy to have them even I spent my monthly salary.....

By the way, I used to read the book in dentist when I was little. This was my favorite as well.

Loving Dogs!!

Hi, how are you doing?
This is Nana from Fukuoka.

Today is super hot here! Feels like it is already summer... It is still May! I cannot believe this weather!
Do you have any animals? 
My parent has two toy poodles. Their names are Momo and Kiki.
Since when I was little I always loved dogs, but after I moved out from my parent's house I love and care about them more! They are special to me! Just being with them, I am happier.

Dogs actually help you in different ways.
Dogs reduce your stress.
Dogs help you stay in shape.
Dogs help you be more social.
Dogs reduce your health issues like heart problems and so on.

But they never expect anything from you.
They always need you. I think that is one of the reasons why people like dogs.  

My family was not going to have dogs anymore after we lost our fist dog but somehow we met Momo and Kiki. We love them. Hope they stay healthy and spend long time with us.

If you do have dog, please give them hug and lots of kisses tell tell them that you love them!


What do you do with your spare time?
I mostly think about coffee.
I sometimes roast coffees and try different methods of brewing.
It is like a coffee lab not a coffee shop.

There are many great coffees are waiting to be discovered.
Coffee is a fantastic subject to me.
I spend lots of time learning about my favorite.
I'm really into where is comes from and how it involves many lives its way to a cup.

Yes, I am a crazy coffee person.

I am a CARP girl!!

                       Hello. I'm Hiro from J-Hoppers Hiroshima Guesthouse.

                                Have you ever heard about CARP girls?    
                                                I don't think so!

We have a professional baseball team here in Hiroshima which is called HIROSHIMA TOYO CARP and female fans are called "CARP girls."
Recently, Carp girls are getting increased even in other prefectures and I'm actually one of them!

                                   I think one of the reason is...
          because there are many IKEMEN(good looking) players in carp!!!!!!

                     Here's a link to official site of the Hiroshima Toyo carp:

                       Go to team data to see pictures of players!

                  I think they are probably the  four most Ikemen players!
                   ↓ ↓

                      7.Syota Dohbayashi(堂林 翔太)

                      55.Brad Eldred

                      9.Yoshihiro Maru(丸 佳浩)

                     12.Aren Kuri(九里 亜蓮)

            What do you think? They look even better in real life than in picture!
            Are you ready to go a baseball game and be a CARP girl with me??

Hiking season has come!

Hi this is Ayupon from Hida-Takayama!

Here in Takayama, there are many place to go hiking.
And I like to go hiking in this time of the year.
Trees with young fresh leaves, birds singing in the trees... they make me feel so good and relax.

Kamikochi is one of the famous place for hiking.
I went there for hiking last week with some guests.
This is the picture I took there.
Every time I go hiking I take a small gas burner to make hot water.
I eat a cup noodle and rice ball in the nature for lunch and drink coffee.
This is the best lunch for me.

After the hiking we went to "Hirayu no mori" to get into the hot spring, and wash off our sweat.

Hiking - lunch and one cup of coffee in the nature - Onsen - Beer - Nap time
This is my favorite way to spend my day-off!!

For your information please check the website below for more details.

Hirayu no mori

Hiroshima Kagura

Hi there!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

Today,I have something to introduce one of the Japanese traditional dance.
It's called "KAGURA" which is music and dance dedicated to Shinto gods. 
In the Kojiki and other ancient books that tell us about the mythology of Japan.

Kagura performers are divided into two groups: 
the maikata and the hayashikata. The maikata dance while wearing elaborate and colorful embroidered costumes, and the hayashikata play musical instruments. 

Since ancient times, kagura has been performed as a ceremony in which people ask for a good harvest and abundant catches of fish and also wish away illness.

There are lots of Kagura performer in Hiroshima and around.
They have different style to dance and music.And normally we would see the performance at the shrine in Autumn festival.

Would you like to see KAGURA??
here is the good news for you.

Kagura dance performance is held every Wednesday at Hiroshima Prefectual
Citizn's culture center.

You can wear the costume after the show.

If you stay with at J-Hoppers Hiroshima.We will give you the invitation ticket for free! You can wear the costume after the show.

Highly recommended!!

Come and see Kagura in Hiroshima :-)


Hello!! How are you guys? It's getting hotter and hotter in Japan.

It almost Summer in Hiroshima!!!

This is MAYU from J-Hoppers Hiroshima. I've got new friends two 

weeks ago. They are amazing, charming, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are so cute and beautiful!!  Especially I love succulent plant.

 This plant is the new one. My favorite one!!!

The name is "静鼓"(SEIKO) in Japanese.

I am a lonely person. I like staying at home already.

BUT... since It came my home, I don't want to go out at all!!

I can stay at home and drink with them and speak to them...

WOW~~~~~ It means... I can not get boyfriend forever!!

That's huge problem... But... I can not stop my passion!!!!!

I'm living with a wonderful cat and awesome plants...

What a beautiful life it is☆☆


Gift of May "Rainbow ring and sun through new green leaves"

Fresh green season is coming!
Hope you are enjoying this fresh greenery.
My favorite thing for this season  is having a nap by Kamo River.  (Ha ha ha)

According to Japanese culture, there are names for wind each season.
We call 薫風(KUN PUU) for wind of may whose meaning is is blowing with aroma from Leaves. 
I guess it is particular for Japanese. Because we think that the wind of May bring us freshness with air through green leaves. At the same time it means for Re-born and Re-start for Zen philosophy.

I had two days off on Golden week holiday, one day I run along Kamo river with my friend for feeling this wind. But unfortunately it was totally sunny day. There is nothing wind. ;(
However we found Gift from God, "Rainbow Ring" around Sun! 
No words! I stooped talking when we found it. 
But it seemed nobody recognized it.  
My French ex-coworker give instruction about how to appear this rainbow.But it is not important. It is so lucky to find it!
it is difficult to take picture of Strong Sun light

It is impossible. It was totally Sunny day. 

For enjoying this season One way is feeling sun streaming through the leaves of trees!
I and my tea partner English modern Samurai, Nick we joined  tea ceremony in Tea house, TANAN in Higashiyama Nanajo in Kyoto National Museum.

It was rebuild and donated in 1958 there. The architecture  of the tea house is based on the traditions of the nobility -centered cultural word of early Edo period Kyoto.(Quote from the guide of Tanan)
There were two ceremonies. Tea master host and take place ceremony with one topic.  One topic is fairy of flower. The other is voice of bamboo. 
Even though our teacher decorated some instruments.
For example Hanging scroll  was Bamboo "竹" which the great monk of Nanzenji Temple in Edo Period. This work was  when he had 91 years old.  
It is impressed sharing the flow of time and season through this picture. So Tea is so profound. :)

In front of the entrance! Next time wear Kimono!

How blight is it!
I am wondering this freshness and wind of may bring me something. Let's see. 
But sure I had great day with my lovely friend this season. 

Enjoy your greenery Season!


Gofun Nail Polishes 上羽絵惣 胡粉ネイル

If you are a nail art lover, and interested in traditional Japanese arts and crafts, here's something you have to check out.

I myself am not a kind of girl who spend hours to decorate her nails beautifully everyday (I rather care nothing for my nail to be honest), but I recently came across water-based gofun nail polishes. What attracted me the most is these nail polishers are produced by 260 year old company called Ueba Esou whose main product is gofun, or traditional Japanese pigments.

Ueba Esou is a Kyoto based company that produces hand made paint in beautiful colors from natural pigments. Recently, using the same process that they use to make paint, Ueba Esou developed a unique kind of nail polish containing gofun powder instead of solvent. 

They use all natural, organic ingredients. There are a couple nail polishes that claim this in the States too, but this one is so natural that it doesn’t even have an odor. They dry almost instantly and can be removed with just alcohol. It’s perfect for anyone wary of chemicals in regular polish: ladies during pregnancy, children, or anyone with allergies or sensitive nails.

So what is Gofun

Gofun means “seashell powder” and it refers to the ingredient used to make these polishes. The company was established in Kyoto in 1751 and began making high quality paints from gofun to be used for Japanese arts, including painting the famous Kyoto dolls, ceiling and wall paintings in temples and shrines, as well as Noh theater masks.
These gofun nail polishes do not contain any organic solvents unlike regular nail polishes. The solvents are what give off the “nail polish” scent, which is why these water-based polishes are virtually odorless, and more importantly, non-toxic.
The company boats of these points as some merits of using gofun polishes:
  • Gentle on nails
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for use by children and pregnant women
  • Quick-drying
  • No strong scent

I haven’t tried them myself, but apparently, this nail polish isn’t as durable as regular nail polish and is sensitive to water (aka showers, baths, dish washing).
Best of all being natural gofun is kind to both the body and the environment ! :)

Ueba Esou: (All in Japanese)

Enjoy breakfast near Osaka Hana Hostel

Hi, how are you?
Many guest ask where we can eat breakfast.
So I list up a few cafes and restaurants.

Break fast is cheaper than lunch.
Please enjoy them and good luck for your trip!

The cafe
Break fast set 500yen
Toast + drink + boiled egg +yogurt

Victoire bakery shop
Break fast is on weekday only Open from 7:30~11:00
Toast + drink +salad 350yen


GreenCafe  Namba OCAT

★Cafe & restaurant Celina(Hotel Nikko)
6:30~10:30(L.O.10:00) All you can eat

Japanese break fast 10:00~11:00

Japanese break fast 5:00~11:00

I became 35 years old!

I became 35years old last month.
And I had the best birthday ever.
I was working in the morning and the big box had delivered, it was for me from my friend from Taiwan! The box was huge but it was so light. So I opened it...
I've got really cute balloons from Eva!!
I finished work at 2pm, then I went to my best friend's shop to see Hideko and Satoko.
They joined the Stained Glass workshop there.
After the workshope, they throw the party for me!
Can you see how many cans of beer we open for couple of hours?!

Then we left her shop to have another party at Osaka Hana Hostel from 7pm with my colleague.
With Ranna and Hideko
This is the cake I got!!
My face with my favorite beer:)

I think I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friends who spent so much time to prepare to celebrate for my birthday. Thank you so much for caring me.
I will enjoy this year as much as I can!

We share the cake with folks, and it looks like this in 10secound!!
It was so tasty!!