Backpackers Hostel "J-Hoppers" & "Hana Hostel"

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!


It's been really hot and humid in Hiroshima...I'm wondering when is it going to be end..

I have been working as a J-Hoppers Hiroshima staff member since January and I really love my job!
The reason for that is the many opportunities I get to meet awesome guests everyday, and also people who work with me!!
I have never worked in this kind of environment before. Everyone is so kind and super friendly. I have learn`t many things from them. It is not only about work but many other things which helps me to improve in a good way.
We have shared many things too. I really appreciate that.

I am going to move to Hiroshima HANA Hostel(Sister hostel) this September which is...TOMORROW!
I am half sad and excited about it. And also I will miss J-Hoppers...actually I`m missing it already..

I'm going to be a HANA hostel staff member from tomorrow!
so... MANY THANKS to all J-hoppers guests and staff and HELLO to all HANA hostel guests and staff!
Great Times!!!!!!

And J-Hoppers Hiroshima has new staff member Tom!He is really cool although you would not thing that from looking at his picture. He will take my place and work harder than me!


Who told you that?・・・

They said that 'If you come to Japan you have to enjoy this noodle!!'...
That's an exaggeration or not...

If you have the chance, you should try to enjoy this noodle!!
Brand-new noodle house just opened!!
This noodle is nice ! lots of veges and lots of pork,very big volume!!

(But there's only one thing I don't like about them...
The noodle house plays smooth jazz...
Jazz...with Noodle... I'm not good with this comb (Jazz with noodle).
But years before it becomes fashionable to play jazz in noodle house....)

Place @ Kawaramachi main street, beween Sanjo and Shijo, nearby ROUND 1 bldg
from J-Hoppers Kyoto G.H. take city bus no.207 ⇒ ShijoKawaramachi bus stop ⇒walk up to 5min

Trip to Europe

It has been a while since I posted the last blog... Hello again!

I took a 2-month vacation in June and July and backpacked around Europe. It was my first trip there and I visited 5 countries (plus one) - Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, UK (London) and Ireland + France (I went to France offically, crossed the border for a grocery shopping from Germany...!) It was my dream trip because I have always wanted to visit friends in the world and I met some of them at J-Hoppers Hiroshima. They are all my good friends now.

Hannah (Hamburg-Germany)

I stayed with us at J-Hoppers Hiroshima last summer. She was living in Japan that time and visited Hiroshima with her brother. She is such a fun person and we went for dinner and some drinks while she was in Hiroshima. She is a German but grew up in New Zealand. Now she is living in Hamburg and teaching English.

Dennis (Weil am Rhein-Germany)

I met this guy on my third month of work at J-Hoppers Hiroshima. He was traveling all around Japan by car, so we drove together to my hometown and stayed at my parent's. He was the first German for my family and they enjoyed having him. So I brought a message card from my family to him this time. While I was in Weil am Rhein, his family invited me for a dinner and we had a road trip to Swiss Alps!

Jessica (Zurich-Switzerland)

I met Jessica last winter. It seemed like she fell in love with Hiroshima and stayed with us for a while. This time, we did not plan to meet but we found out I was coming to Zurich for a day trip and she has free time in the morning of the day as well! I was really happy that she came to see me! I got a message from her after I came back to Japan and she told me that she is planning coming back to Japan in September to study Japanese! I am very looking forward to seeing her again!

Regula, Christian and Celina (Basel-Switzerland)

This loving family came to Hiroshima this past April. They LOVE Japan and have been here 12 times already!! The doughter, Celina is such a sweet girl. While they were staying with us, she made paper cranes everyday to pray for Tohoku region which affected by the massive earthquake. We all were very touched by it.

They welcomed me to stay over at their place this time. It was such a nice house with lots of Japanese stuff and they have a perfect Japanese room! I had a very good time with them.

Ger (London-UK)

He walked in J-Hoppers Hiroshima without a reservation last summer, and stayed with us for a month! He was traveling Asia for one year that time and he loves the different cultures. I think he is very good at enjoying travels and always tried to talk to local people while he was here. Now he is missing real Japanese food!

Kelly (London-UK

She stayed with us last Golden Week. J-Hoppers Hiroshima staff's friend, Houribe LOU played Dulcimer at a night club on her first night in Hiroshima and we all went to see his performance together. It was such a fun night. So we had another night out in London! I had my fist Lebanese dinner with her, so everytime I have it I will remember her :) I really hope to see her soon again!

It was wonderful to see all of them! I realised again how great my job is. I am enjoying working at the hostel again and meeting new people everyday!

Night market on AUG 26

J-hoppers Osaka is located in shopping & food street, Uranai st.
The street hold a night market once a year in August!
Each store sells the original items like special dessert, groceries, fried chicken or anything.

J-hoppers made chocolate- bananas!
( Just cut it half, put them in the freezer and paste chocolate)

100yen, but if you win the game, you can get 2 !
Our staff played the game with kids seriously, then we almost lose... ha ha ha!

No dancing, no music, no fireworks, but many people looked up this market.
Please stop over next year :)


Hello,everybody. I am Matsu from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama.

I went to climb up Mt.Fuji the other day.

We went there in my car. I arrived at 5th station (which is 2400m from the sea level)
I started climbing at 10pm. I prepared for warm clothes.Howver it wasn’t enough.

The lowest temperature was about 1℃.
It took me 6 hours to go up on top.

I managed to see a sunrise.

permanent snow ↓

How expensive a can of beer is (800yen)!!!!↓

It was first time for me to climb such a high mountain.
I nearly gave up climbing along the way and managed to do it.
It was really good experience for sure!!

I am wondering where to go climbing next?

2011 Summer

Hello, This is PAPI from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guest House.

I went to Noto & Himi for my summer vacation.

@ Wajima morning market

I fund a "Saiya-jin" from Dragon Ball!!

We went to "Notojima Aquarium"
You can see whale shark at there.

In Japan, there are 5 aquariums where we can see the whale shark.
Next time, I would like to go to Kaiyu-kan at Osaka.

Summer vacation

I took few days of summer vacation and used them to go once again to Tanegashima. I was waiting impatiently to swim again in the sea.

We went to places I haven't yet, and discovered this beautiful landscape. The coast has impressive cliffs in several locations, and lot of them hides caves to explore. Also there is nobody at all so you can feel like having a private beach !

Going to Tanegashima without visiting something related to space is impossible ! This time we went to the tracking center. The big antenna you can see is used to track the rocket during the launch and to communicate with the probes in the space.

All the island is covered with luxurious nature. Flowers, mangrove, falls, and so many insects ! By the way do you know that it's smaller than lake Biwa ?

Even if there was no waves at all, some surfers were out. One had his dog as passenger, which seemed to enjoy the sea.

A very strange sea-frog ... ;-)
I swam three times and came back with lot of sunburns ! The water is around 29 degrees there, it's so easy to get in.

We made some engineering for a new rocket propulsion system too, but the visual effect was the only successful part of the attempt ;-)

When you have holidays, visit south Japan too ! Kagoshima and Sakurajima, Tanegashima and Yakushima...

KAGURA night tour!!

Hi there!!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

The other day,I joined a KAGURA tour with my co-worker Tomoko.
Have you seen KAGURA before?
Kagura dance traces its roots back to Shinto and was performed in rituals in ancient times. Over the ages, Kagura has evolved into several variations and styles. In particular, the area around the northern part of Hiroshima, Kagura was developed into a popular form of entertainment by adding dramatic performances.

we went to KAGURA Monzen toji Mura to see the KAGURA dance.
It took around 1 hour and half from center of Hiroshima city by car.
I have seen Kagura dance since I was a child.
That's why it's so familiar for me.
We met some foreigners at the tour,and they said it was the first time to see Kagura dance.Everyone looked so excited with it!!

This tour is included a meal we went to Japanese restaurant together.
We had a dinner and talked a lot !It was so much fun!!

The Kagur dance was so gorgeous and great!!
After the performance、we could try on the Kagura costume and take a photo with performers on the stage.

we joined the Kagura tour this time.But they still have lots of one day trip tour!
If you are interested to take a tour in Hiroshima,please check the following link.

mother visited me in Kyoto

The summer days are gone too soon.

One rainy day my mother visited me in Kyoto. She took the train departs at 6:30 from my hometown and arrived at Kyoto just after 9:00.

Soon after she found me in the crowd, ` Well, I checked this book on the train, and Shisen-do temple seems nice place to go.’
We took Eizan train, it is not the tram however it runs through narrow streets along local houses. We quite enjoyed watching an old lady hung her laundry through the window.

Shisen-do temple locates on a hill. We had to walk a slope. It was held Jizo bon festival (Obon festival for the children) on that day in this area.

We were satisfied with the peaceful atmosphere, mother got hungry. ‘ Well, I checked this restaurant in this book…’

‘ Well, I saw a picture of delicious sweets in this book. Can you take me to there?’’ she said after lunch. It is a rice cake store, ‘Futaba’. It is famous for a rice cake with a pea. She was happy even she had to make a big queue!

‘ Well, I always wanted to see this!’ she said eating a cake. It is Fushimi Inari shrine with thousands of red gate. We took another train. When we got there, the rain stopped. We tried to count the number of the gate, but soon gave up. There were too much mosquitoes to do it.

This rainy day was gone to soon. A pleasant time always flies.
It is just like the summer days.

Bye Bye Our Chef :(

Our special staff, Mathis left here a few days ago.
It was very hard to say good-bye to him.

Sometimes, he was our head chef.
Sometimes, he was our comfort.
Sometimes, he was our brother.
Sometimes, he was a Shogi Master.
Sometimes, he was a man of his girlfriend.

Everytime he managed events, most of guests enjoyed pretty much.
The last party he managed was Mushroom Party.
We love your imagination !

We had a great time with you here!
Thank you very much for being our special staff !

We'll miss you :(

FIFA ranking-16

I watched the soccer match Japan VS Korea on the 10th.
we beat Korea 3-0. We were doing soooo well. kagawa, Honda, and Hasebe did great job. I now love watching Japan international match. Their way to attack is pretty well and its more like European team. I'll be so excited to see Japan playing in the next world cup in Brazil. hope they can make it next one as well though. I will def wanna go watch some matches in Brazil.

Speaking of soccer, this coming Monday, me and my soccer friends(team mate) are going to play soccer!!! it's been since we were high school student. sooooo excited!

FIFA ranking;

can't wait to watch Serie A. the first match is on the Aug 28th!!!!!!

TO-KAE 2011

TO-KAE is the event which held in Nara every year since 1999 to celebrate the ancient capital city of Nara.
"TOKA"means a lump of flower shape on the top of a candlewick after lighting a candle. It is said to be good fortune when the flower shape is made.
Since I went there 3 years ago, I really like it and now it's my favorite event in Nara.

Twenty thousand burning candles will light up the area creating a festive atmosphere. You can start walking anywhere, just follow candles - Sarusawa ike pond, Ukimido, Asajigahara, Ukigumo enchi(Nara park)- they are all popular areas for sightseeing, but you would discover totally different atmosphere and I think you would like Nara more.
There are some lights up events in Japan, but I'm sure this is the absolutely great and special one.

*English, French, Chinese and Korean
Date: 5th to the 14th of August
Time : 7-9:45 pm
Fee: Free
Access: Walk from Kintetsu or JR Nara station

P.S. When you are hungry before/after this event, please try this ramen restaurant.
Almost everytime when I went to Nara, I went there and always ate "Tonyu ramen(豆乳ラーメン/soi milk ramen) 750 yen.
It's very delicious and healthy.
It's about 3 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara station.
English menu available.

Nara ramen Aoniyoshi