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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Lunch Travel for ICHIJO-Ji

Day by day It will be hot summer ...
Survive this hot summer, my favorite good snow winter season will be coming soon!!

What will you do on this summer? I will go to the summer rock festival, it call Mission Impossible in Kyoto-Get ready to come and have fun again this year!-(京都大作戦)

It was good sunny day, and I went for a bike ride.

Cross the Eizan rail track, there are a lot of Ramen House face on the street.
I can't decide where to enter. Here is a kind of battleground area about Ramen House.

On this lunch time, I went to the one of the front runner,'Yume wo Katare(夢を語れ) '

The lunch time special menu is 'Buta Don(Pork rice bowl)'with nice flavor garlic!!
It is gooood for the hot summer!! If you eat this, you can get energy for this summer !!
¥650- until 12th of Jul

I will make out this summer with garlic power!! Uhhh....with nice flavor ...

Hike tour in Japan

Really nice Australian family stayed in J-Hoppers Osaka around Christmas season in 2010, and we enjoyed our Christmas party together.. we remember them clearly, as it's only 6 month ago!

Yes, they stayed only 6 months ago, but they came back about 1 week ago!!
We were so surprised but of course very happy to see them in such a short time !
Their plan is very flexible this time, as they stayed for about 3 weeks last time and they will have 3 weeks this time, too. So, I recommended them to join the hike tour which my friend's started recently.

He has been in Japan for long time and loves hiking, so he started to be a mountain guide for foreigners.
He has now 2 course, one is around Arashiyama in Kyoto, and another one is Yamazaki, it's between Kyoto and Osaka. He will show beautiful and local scenery with nice talk, so I'm sure that people can see and feel Japan more.

If you're fed up with typical sightseeing, or visiting too much temples, or tired to be in a lot of people.. then, GET OUT FROM THE CITIES !!

He has been offering FREE tour till the 6th of July.
Japan Outdoors

Beer Garden

Last Sunday, me and my friends went to a beer garden in Kobe.

Beer garden is one of my favorite things to do in Summer in Japan.

I love traveling but I'm very sure thy only Japan has all we can drink!!

If USA has the same service, they will lose their money a looooot.

We were so worried that we could not make it because the weather was suck.
It was so cloudy and was not canceled but there were not lots of people up there:(
There should be lots of people there!! It was still fun though.
We hit some bars afterwords....I'm pretty sure I spend my money on booze the most:((
I don't go shopping and I sometimes cut my hair myself. If I go hair cut, it's just 1500yen.

Anyway, We will definitely make up for it I'm Osaka. We are planing to go next month.

P.S. I'm going to climb mt Fuji next month!!!! So excited.
I'll write about it next month.

P.P.S. I might be going climb up there in sandals. At least I try.

J-hoppers is filmied by TV program!

Hey! J-hoppers Osaka is located in Fukushima city in Osaka.

(No Fukushima power station atomic bom here).

One day, a TV program staff visited us without an appointment and took a film of us.

They intervied us and saw the mixed dormitory room.

This is local TV program. They take a film only in Kansai area.

The TV program of Fukushima is available on the internet by the middle of July.

If you are interested in, please watch this.

* Sorry they speak only Japanese, but you know our city well. :)

Kanazawa trip !!

This is moco*:)
I went to Kanazawa last weekend.

⇒Take a walk in Kanazawa town

The hydrangea in full bloom!!/ Beautiful stone wall

I love art!!

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art/ Himito( Peelart)
Enjoyed food!!!
I recommend these restaurants ;)

Shinanoya(Ochazuke) / Mori Mori sushi

Shinanoya was unique place.

Kanazawa can easily be covered as a day trip from Takayama!!


It's been raining and humid in Hiroshima..I just keep sweating a lot even though I do nothing...It will be getting much more hotter towards August...

We had a RICE BALL PARTY last night at J-Hoppers Hiroshima! Rice ball..??and Party..?? I know..sounds very weired but we had it!!and it was just AWESOME party!
Party organizer Mr Kawase started preparing for Rice ball party. He cooked 8cups!!8cups of rice and a pod of Miso soup.

We are suppose to start at 7o'clock..but guess what...there were only 2...2 guests there..Don't let it get us down!!let's get started!!!woo!
after while there were more and more guest joined us!

Choose any seasonings you like!(I put all seasonings) wrap it and just dig into your mouse!!
That was just...AWESOME!!
8cups of rice gone very fast and we cooked another extra 10cups of rice!!
We ate them all.

J-Hoppers Hiroshima has regular small party like this now!Please join us! We will have OKONOMIYAKI party on June 29th! Please feel free to call us for more details!!

To refresh your body and your mind

As the summer's heat arrived I needed to refresh my body. As it was long time I haven't get out of the city's pollution I needed to refresh my mind. Here comes how I'm doing. And you ?

Planted some basil. Fresh leaves on top of a pasta salad is a perfect combination when heat decreases my appetite.

Some tomatoes too. But still waiting for them.
And "morning glory" under my window. The stems are growing up very quickly, and it will cover the window in few weeks. Then leaves will provide natural shade to refresh my living room.

I went once again toward Atago mountain. A customer asked me about trails around Kyoto. I knew there was one passing there, that goes far away south and north of Kyoto. But I didn't remember the name, so couldn't find information on Internet. Thus I decided to go there to read the name. There are actually two trails. One is Kyouto-isshuu-toreiru (京都一周トレイル), 70km long around Kyoto, detailed information are available HERE. The other one, which has common section with the first one is Toukai-shizen-hodou (東海自然歩道), linking Kyoto to Tokyo through 22 hiking courses, detailed information HERE (japanese only, sorry).

Picnic in the woods looking at Atago mountain and Otsu river. Feel the wind, listen to the nature sounds, look for animals.

Take time for this kind of lucky shot. Last year I could take the same shot with an egret at the same place. This year it's a crow. Do you ever wonder at crows' language ? It looks so complex. What are they speaking about... ?

Look at the rock in the pure water.

Look at the water flow. Wash my arms and head with the cold water immoderately.

On the 21st I went to the Toji flea market. More to see than to buy, but came back with this little dragonfly made of bamboo. Even well known, the optical illusion of this artificial thing floating smoothly in the air is always a delight for the mind. On my working desk it gives me inspiration, and has a refreshing effect by materializing the wind in the room, just like a wind-bell.
I've also 'invented' a eco-air-conditionner. Have you ever noticed how the air inside the house keep hot even if the air is getting much cooler during the night ? Wide opening the windows doesn't help much. I wished the fresh air of the night enter my house. Then I've thought about putting air fan not inside the room but outside, on the balcony, blowing the outside cool air toward the inside. It works incredibly well, just like if I've turned on the air-conditionner ! We're doing it every night, and probably saving a lot on electricity... Also the natural air is better for the health than air conditioner one.

Nagoya Aquarium

Hello,I am Matsu from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama.

I went to Nagoya Aquarium last week.

The aquarium is very big and has lots of unique marine creatures all over the world.
There are many sections such as deep sea gallery, marine life around Japan.

I liked jelly fishes.

Sometimes guests ask us what Nagoya is famous for?

I would say that Nagoya castle and Inuyama castle are worth going.

Foreigners skip Nagoya

I found a interesting spot. That is  Nagoya Aquarium.

If you travel with your children or your partner, you have good fun.

Why don't you cool down in the aquarium if it is too hot to walk outside?

Access: 30minutes from Nagoya station.
Fee :2000yen for adult .1000yen for child
Opening hours:9:30~20:00

Zen meditation

When I was in Iran, I was asked 'What is your religion? Are you taking it very seriously?' by every single person! I MUST pretend to be a super serious religious person. 'Yes, I am Buddhist.' Any hesitation is not allowed here.
...Well, you know, I have no particular religion I believe in.

One Sunday gloomy morning, I joined 'Zazen' = 'Zen meditation' at one of the most beautiful temple in Kyoto, Tofukuji.
I woke up 5 am (it was super hard try!), rode a bicycle and stop over at my friend's place to shake her up. This Zen meditation is open for the public only once a month. And it is free.

When we arrived at the Zen meditation hall, there were already quite a lot of people. From old men (Ojisan) to foreigners, various kinds of people sat with Zazen style. Suddenly two monks came and explained us the way to Zen meditation. Sounded easy but it wasn't. We sat 30 minuets and rest far a little while then for another half hour.
At the beginning I could concentrate on the meditation well, however after 10 or 15 minuets (I'm not sure because there were no clocks in the hall) I only could think about my legs. It hurts more than I imagined.
If people want to be hit by the monks, you just join your hands in front of your chest and wait. They will come to you and hit on your shoulder two times each.

When we came out from the hall, the cloud had gone and sky was clear. 'It was so painful when the monks hit me, but the tiredness was scattered out in a moment' my friend said.

Thank you for staying at J-hoppers Hiroshima ♪

In Japan, it is rainy season from the beginning of June to the middle of July.
Today and yesterday is very hot with the temperature reaching over 30 degrees...tooo hot.....
no rain,though....

a few days ago, 2 oh sorry they are 3 guys who are from England stayed J-hoppers Hiroshima.
Akim (in the middle) has never been to Japan and could not come this they brought his head along instead.

then,matthew was surprised one of his best friends has stayed here before!!
They loved it ,too!!

I remember them,they stayed here about 3 years ago.It was so fun to talked them.

What a small world!
I hope to see them again!!!!

Candle night in Takayama

Hello , this is PAPI from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guest House.

22nd June, it was the summer solstice.
There was an event for the saving electric power and put the candle at one of the hotel in Takayama.

It looks little bit scared ...
My friend said its cute...

There was some art work .

Also, live music (piano and erhu(Chinese music instrument)

This event will come again on the 7th July.

Date: 7th July 2011
Time: 20:00-22:00
Place: Hida Hotel Plaza (about 7min walk from J-hoppers.)

Energy for coming Summer

Hello from humid Kyoto :p
I am very scared of how hot it would be this summer:(

So, I become ready to absorb for coming summer as eating UNAGI (grilled eel).
UNAGI is known for substantial energy food in Japan.
There is a specific date for eating them in Summer time.This year will be on the 21st July.
However, you can eat them anytime you want.

There is a famous eel restaurant around Sanjo st. in Kyoto.
It's called " Kaneyo ". you can their detail below,

This is their famous Unagi rice bowl.

uhhh? What's the yellow one?

That's their special!!

Unagi inside :)
That was YUMMYYY!


Now I would be able to endure everything !!!

You should try once if you come over Kyoto ! I would highly recommend !!

Ciao !

Azusa from J-Hoppers Kytoto

Kintaikyo and Etajima island trip!!

Hi there !!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.

It's getting hotter and hotter these days.When I'm cleaning rooms,we all so sweating like melting!
It is a rainy season in Japan now.However,a couple of days in a week,the weather is not so bad.
that's why we went to Kintaikyo where in Yamaguchi prefecture when I'm off.
on the way to Iwakuni,we passed by Miyajima island.
There were so many seems so much fun.
After we had a lunch at dounuts shop,we towards to the bridge.

There were so many people there and it's so hot and wet!!

We only crossed the bridge and spent a most of time to watch a cat at the suvenir store....

Another day,we went to Etajima island.

You can got to the island by tram and ferry.It takes around 1,3 hour.

There is my boyfriend's favorite restaurant there.So as soon as we landed,we went there.

They serve SASHIMI(sliced row fish) and rice and soup.

The price is 800yen.But you can have free refilis(rice and soup).

It is worth going there and have the lunch set.

So fresh and so tastey!!!!!

After we had a lunch.We drove all around the island.

There were some beached and camp sites!!!

It is not so far from Hiroshima city.

So I'm going to camp on the island this summer!!!

Uncle Pascal

Now it's my turn to become an uncle !

She arrived two weeks earlier than expected, and she's very healthy.
Her name is "Elea". It's the first time I hear such a name. In the past we used name of christian saints, but now people imagine new names freely.
For only few hours she could have born same day than me ! And also she would have born a tuesday, just like my father, my mother, my sister and me. But it seems she couldn't wait longer for discovering the world...


Hola Amigos!

I’m writing about my gourmet tour of Hiroshima!

Can you guess what the local slang BUCHI means?


A 3-minute walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima

The noodles are dipped in a sauce, you can choose your level of spiciness from 1-20.

The boiled and seasoned egg is BUCHI awesome!


A restaurant famous for sea-eel donburi near the Miyajima-Guchi Station.

The taste of the sea-eel is perfectly light, soft, and delicious.

Mmm…BUCHI yummy!


This place is chock-full of sub-culture.

Some cafés offer a nice atmosphere but a poor variety of food, however here they have both.

I had a nice Taiwanese-style pho and a black sesame latte.

I was BUCHI full, and BUCHI satisfied.


A 1-minute walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

This restaurant serves Fuchu-yaki, a type of okonomiyaki (savory pancake).

The taste is wonderful and the noodles are BUCHI crispy.


I BUCHI recommend their “sweet momiji” as a souvenir.

Maple-leaf shaped cakes are already famous in Hiroshima, so why not bring back their maple tea cakes filled with almond-paste this time?

It took less than 4 hours from Hyogo to Hiroshima by car.

So why not visit Hiroshima to discover BUCHI good food?!