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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Summer Bargain in Osaka

Do you like shopping?
I do love shopping, especially clothes:D
If I had a lot of money, I will spend much money to it.

But I cannot do that in

For those who loves shopping like me, there's a bargain and summer sale is coming soon!

Here are the each shopping mall sale information!!

HEP FIVE : 10th July~12th July

GROND FRONT : 3rd July~12July

LUCUA : 3rd July~12July

NU Chayamachi : 3rd July~12July

Hankyu Department : From 8th July

Shinsaibashi OPA : 25th June~12th July

Namba Marui : From 1st July

They have 10%~80% off, Big bargain!
Let's go shopping:D

ordinarily stuffs at a hostel

One night at Kyoto Hana Hostel. 
We talked about perverts in Japan. Also how Japanese people go on a date. And so on. 

One day at Kyoto Hana Hostel.
She brought a corn and it had hair. We tried to clean the cash machine with it. 

Come and join us. You'll never get bored here :)

The Farm Universal

The huge garden center named *The Farm Universal* was opened in Osaka!!

There is a cafe surrounded by nature, a big tree house and of course botanical garden :)
The cafe is still under construction and will be opened in July.
They sell everything from plants, flowers, containers, soils, fertilizers, gardening goods, fresh vegetables, bread and more. 


Away from the noise and bustle of a large city, you can feel nature and make you relax.

I bought a chili plant with lots of colors!!!

I'm so excited to have them-------

How to enjoy the rainy season ....

Hi ! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

It is in the middle of the rainy season in Hiroshima.
Except for Hokkaido and the Ogasawara islands in the far south, the entire country has rainy season in June and July.

I do not like the humid air very much but I like June even such a gloomy whether .

This month  I went to some rivers many time to see fireflies.

Fireflies are  a common  feature in the summer in Japan.
Since they live ONLY in super clear rivers,
we need to go to a very very quiet and dark area to see them.

It was absolutely amazing view with heaps of fireflies.
I felt like watching many small stars scattered in the night sky.
I was so happy to see them many time this year.

Summer is coming soon......

If you go to the Syukkei-en Japanese Garden (About 15min walk from Hiroshima Hana),you can see some seasonal flowers.

Kinen Gairai ( Tobacco cessation clinic)

I went to Kinen Gairai(禁煙外来) which is Tobacco cessation clinic.

I quit smoking 6 years ago  but I started smoking again 2 years ago.

I tried quitting but I still smoked so I went to Tobacco cessation clinic.

I need to take a pill per day  first week and 2pill from 2nd week for 2 months

It's been 2 weeks since I took the pill. One of adverse effect is insomnia.  It works for me .I could cut back on cigarette so far.

I am sorry that I write a  boring blog . If you really want to quit smoking ,I recommned you to do

Tobacco cessation clinic.

The other day, I went to the Yoshinogari ruins (in Saga prefecture but close to Fukuoka prefecture) for the first time even I've been living here in Fukuoka for a long time.
We can go into the houses and storages.
It was like I slipped back in time to the Yayoi period (around B.C. 300 for 600 years)!!!!!
It was very nice to be in nature so I could relax and refresh there.
Check their web site about it;)

Onsen and Kaiseki in Yumura hot spring village

  Hi ya! This is Yoshi from Q-beh!
 I'm now staying in Yumura Onsen, a hot spring resort near Hamasaka station in Hyogo. I have been there once when a big tyhoon had landed on Japan 2 years ago. So, I decided to visit Yumura to enjoy onsen again!

 Yumura is well know as a small, but famous hot-spring village where we enjoy putting raw eggs in the Arayu spring water. The spring source temperature is said to be the highest, 98 degrees Celsius, in Japan. That is why we can make delicious hot spring eggs by the Arayu.

 There is no travel nonstop to Yumura from my hometown, Kyoto. However, we can make a plan for our original rail travel. 
 Last time, I took two kinds of limited express trains to arrive in Hamasaka via Kinosaki-Onsen: ”Kinosaki” and ”Kounotori” from Kyoto station. This time, however, I took Shinkansen ”Nozomi” to Himeji first and another limited express called ”Hamakaze” to Hamasaka after that. 

↑ This train is called Hamakaze running from Osaka to Hamasaka.

 ↑ No one on the car after leaving Kinosaki-onsen!

 It depends on your iternary and travel expenses.

 Considering the access from Kyoto to Hyogo, I think we are able to make our unique travel plan to visit famous Onsen areas including Kinosaki.

 We usually image Japanese-style (tatami) rooms when it comes to ”Ryokan.” Some ryokans, especially in Onsen areas, have private Japanese-style ensuite rooms and meal services. 
 I enjoyed staying in a traditional room in Asanoya, one of famous ryokans in the hot spring village. I actually like the landlady, okami-san in Japanese, of Asanoya. She is really friendly and her service is the best!

↑  I love Kaiseki course with Japanese sakes!

 I often have questions about how to take a Japanese bath from our guests.
Dring my stay in Scotland, I used to make a bubble bath first , soak and wash my body in a bathtab after that or
 just take a shower everyday.
 However, in Japan, we usually wash our bodies outside a bathtab first and soak ourselves in a hot bathtab (we do not put anything including towels into a bathtab to keep the hot water clean.) It is kind of tacit understanding among the Japanese. If you go for a onsen or public bathes, please follow this unique rule.

 I think Onsen is absolutely fantastic as I can get  rid of stress and become more energetic by onsen indeed! 
I just introduced Yumura to you this time, but before going there, please do not miss some onsen areas such as Arashiyama and Kurama if you visit my hometown Kyoto city!

“Pachanga” night or Picnic night? -Which is the best way to enjoy a rainy day!-

This is Kimy from J-Stay!!
My hometown is Kyoto. As I meet a lot of interesting people from different countries through my lovely job, they tell me know Kyoto is an amazing city and Does not bother me.
I guess the rest of my life will be at Kyoto too. 
However sometimes I really feel some attachment to Latin America! 
I really love Spanish and Latin America. 
My first inspiration was when I was ten years old.
It was during a painting class in elementary school.The teacher instructed us to draw after she read a story about a Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudi. Unconsciously, that activity sparked my admiration to the Spanish culture. 

My previous job was a secretary for one of the energy Company of South America, in Colombia. I had worked for 4 months in Santa Marta Colombia, a Caribbean beach sight city. Every weekend, my coworkers and I went to the beach and national park and danced the "Ballenato"- a tropical dance. Those were good memories. 

That’s why I believe reincarnation!!! :)

Thanks to my job I have many opportunities to meet Latin America.
If I were Latin-American girl at a certain moment yesterday at farewell party I really had that feeling. One of my guest from Mexico whose name is Alejandro is my special guest. He traveled to Kyoto to study Japanese. Since it was his first time to live in Japan, I helped him survive the new environment. 
So we treat him as a kitty, we don't leave him alone, who never fail to make us smile. It means he has a likable personality. But the same time he was real wild traveler during his stay in South Korea, Cambodia, Okinawa. He did hitch ride and camp on the beach. 

My coworker Erika and I organized farewell party ("Pachanga" in Spanish) for him this Tuesday. Because we have lived in Mexico more than one year so we can speak Spanish and love Mexican and Latin American culture. If it were sunny we would want to have night Picnic party along Kamo River. But it is rained we held it in Erika's House. 
We were supposed to invite but to no avail. But we had no idea that there was no Spanish speakers, only Latin American. 

There were ten people whom we invited confirmed to grace the invitation including the daughter of my Venezuelan friend, two Mexicans, and -- accidentally,  one guy from Hong Kong because they stayed in our hostel where Erika works. 

I did my best to cook some dishes  like Vietnam fresh spring roll, Pathai and rolled lettuce vegetable, and fried ground meat sauce for this Farewell party. I forgot taking pictures. ;( Anyway we definitely had good unforgettable memories .

Latin American people never stopped talking, joking, and laughing. We were impressed with their personalities. If was given a chance to live again, I prefer to live in the same way. 

Alex, we miss so much but the only reason I am saying good bye is so that I can get a chance to say hello. So Study more Japanese!
He recognized there is in tiny thing in happiness. Let’s do Pachanga again!



My best okonomiyaki

This is Tomomi from Hiroshima Hana hostel.

Maybe you know that Okonomiyaki is one of the most famous foods in Hiroshima.
We have about 1000 Okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima city.

I'm from Hiroshima and Lopez is my favorite Okonomiyaki restaurant so far.
Sometimes I can't recommend this restaurant to my guests when they want to find something near Hiroshima station or downtown.

But for those willing to travel a little, it's about a 10 min. walk from Yokogawa station which is the second station from Hiroshima station.

Surprisingly, the owner is not Japanese. He is from Guatemala and the restaurant is named after him.

He learned how to make it at 八昌(hassyou)which is one of the other popular restaurants (I like it too).

Lopez is not that big of a restaurant and their seats are all at counter, so they will make Okonomiyaki in front of you.

You can enjoy Okonomiyaki with Jalapeños which is a bit spicy, but I really love it and also talking with the owner and other staff in English!!:)

Lopez :Mon,Wed,Thu  16:30~23:00(Last Order 22:30)
           Tue, Fri          11:30~14:00(Last Order 13:45)
                                16:30~23:00(Last Order 22:30)
           close : Sat. Sun


Japanese style wedding of my sister's

Just before the rainy season started、 on the very very sunny day, there was my sister's wedding in Kyoto.

Honestly wedding is definitely something I would avoid as much as I could.
Not because I am cold enough to congratulate others, nor do not want to spent money on it.
Just because I just feel awkward to be inside of the new relatives that I probably, and most likely will not meet again and the way wedding is held these days is too overwhelming for me,it's almost feels like a "show"at Disney land or something.

But that was the day I change my mind.

The wedding was held in a shrine, Yoshida Shrine (吉田神社) which is on the yoshida mountain
where you could enjoy a light hiking.
There were some instructions ho we should behave and stuff before getting into the ceremony for each side of the family separately, and finally we were getting into the shine lining up (husband's side of the family first).
We seated, we had purified sake, and we seated.
I do not have pictures of the ceremony it's self as we were not allowed.
But it's a paparazzi shot for you!

 After the ceremony, we moved to a restaurant "Kikunoi"
菊の井 to have a meal all together.
(and yes, this is the most exciting moment for me)

My sister and my brother in law breaks a sake cask rid with a small wooden hummer, this is called Kagamibiraki (鏡開き). One of the meaning of it is to open a good luck for the future.
In front is my baby nephew:)

The food was great, it was a Kaiseki course meal the ones on the picture is the first small dishes which were special for the happy day like wedding.

The one in front: sake from the cask in masu "枡"(it's a measuring cup originally)

Left side on the back: Sekihan "赤飯" rice cooked with red beans, often had when we celebrate something

Right side on the back:Namasu (carrots and white radish with vinegar). This is also for celebration like new year as well because of it's happy colours (red and white).

I understood with my experience that wedding is a ritual, or if not, just a simple ceremony to connect 2 different families and welcome each other. And not supposed to be a big gorgeous show to show off  blah blah blah.

I would be happy to participate if this kind:)haha

Solar Impulse or how amazing my job is!!!

Few days ago I saw on the news that Solar Impulse, experimental solar-powered plane has landed in Nagoya. This project is a world tour of European plane that is using only solar energy and no gasoline. It started in Ab-Dabi and was gradually going to the east making stops in India and China. To be honest, this idea seemed crazy to me. Rely only on the sun is quite a risk, I thought. Who would know that this story actually would affect me a little?

Working atJ-Hoppers often gives me great chances to meet very interesting guests. And this time I saw a young couple coming to reception and looking for a place to stay. Luckily, we had a twin room for them. It turned out to be that they are coming from Nagoya, and they have only one day in Kyoto, because next day they have to be back to Nagoya to take part in a meeting about Solar Impulse! THIS FRENCH COUPLE WAS IN THE TEAM OF THAT SOLAR-POWERED PLANE I SAW ON THE NEWS!!!! Young man turned out to be a pilot in French air forces and his girlfriend was on her internship. They were traveling with this plane to Nagoya. Unfortunately, in Nagoya the plane had some difficulties with the wing. So they had to repair it.
Meanwhile, rainy season is on its peak in Japan. So it is still not decided when they will continue their experiment and fly to the US.

Anyway, my work still surprises me day by day!

Osuga Cho!!!!

Hello from Hiroshima Hana hostel, It's Kana here. Because of rainy season, it's raining almost everyday in Hiroshima....It makes me little depressed...Can't wait to have Summer!!

There are really cool area for dinner and drink near Hana Hostel. Only few minutes walk from Hiroshima Station. The area caled "Osuga Cho 大須賀町"
The area has the atmosphere of  Japanese good old days.

Do you like SAKE? If yes, I know one really good cosy restaurant with a lot of Sake which made in Hiroshima. Did you know that Hiroshima has really awesome Sake breweries.

The restaurant called KISHIMOTO SHOKUDO (岸本食堂).

 They have so many different brand of sake from Hiroshima region.

They have a Sake set menu which is only 1000yen and you can choose 3 different types of Sake.

  If you can not choose what you want you can just tell the owner what flavour you like. They will pick up the best one for you!!

We were 3 people and we order many diferent types of sake and shared all together so that we could taste many many different Sake!!! Can't remember how many we had...But it was one of best night for sure!

They have beautiful food too. This restaurant is the one of the best restaurant I have been to in 2015!!!
Nice Sake, food, awesome atmosphere and people!

Why don't you experience great Japanese good old days at Osuga Cho??!

If you are looking for the place to buy flowers in Osaka...

Hello, this is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel.

These days, I have been buying flowers for many occasions.
My friend's, granma's, mum's birthday presents and my coworker's farewell gift.

I have my favorite flower shop in Shinsaibashi. It is called Aoyama Flower Market.
This is their logo
It is chain stores and you might find them in Tokyo, Osaka area.
I have been few shops and they have florists who skilled in the use of colors.
And the quality of flowers are pretty good.

This is my favorite shop
On the basement 1st of Daimaru Department Shinsaibashi (near the subway exit of Shinsaibashi)
You can pick the flowers you like to make a bouquet, or they have some pre-made bouquet.
For the gifts for someone or for your everyday use.

You can tell the staff about your budget, the color, type of bouquet (long or short) ,
they listen to you and pick the flowers for you and make a beautiful bouquet.

They also have an arrangement like this.
This is the bouquet I got it for my mum's birthday.
Flowers don't live forever, so it is kind of sad,
but the moment you receive it,  is very very special I believe.

If you are looking for the place to get some flowers,
I recommend you to get one from them:)

Biwako fishing


This is Shige from Jstay.
Kyoto is getting hot day by day. It is almost summer...

Yesterday also weather is nice to do some thing outside.
So I went to do fishing Blackbass at Biwako with my friends.

From early morning to before evening.
It was really tired but good feeling and we could catch many fishes.

My friend was sleeping during to do fishing.
Because we waked up 4:00A.M....

And I used my new item.
It is one of Jstay customer gave me.

And I could catch a  nice one by it!!!

From afternoon Yesterday was shinny.
So I got suntan but I do not care of that.
Because I had really good times with my friends.