Backpackers Hostel "J-Hoppers" & "Hana Hostel"

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

secret bonus stage in Kyoto

Hello this is minasyo !!

How was going on your GoldenWeek?

secret bonus stage in Kyoto

They joined this tour on this time

J-Hoppers nice cleaning staff×2 and Mr.Kham. Kham usually wear unusual designT-Shirts(This time in front /back was GAME OVER/CONTINUE…) He stayed J-Hoppers Kyoto more than two week, And almost all main tour of Kyoto is completed, But I think it wasn’t complete without this secret bonus stage in Kyoto.

At 1st stage=

We went to Kyoto local style The name is ‘Sankichi(三吉)’.

Look at this sign with a nice atmosphere!!

If you ask some recommended menu for the shop staff, they always say ‘All of our menu’ …

I recommended you the best menu at this shop is liver SASHIMI!! (Only 30 dishes in the one night)

It was very good for Japanese !! How about you Kahm(This was the first time for him to try raw liver)??

The 2nd bonus stage=

CAFE LA SIESTAThis is the very unique café and bar in Nishikiyamachi.

They put good old video games on the each table. There are a lots long forgotten games and music.

How can I say that…’We can return tour youth!!’ ….nnnn Now I think this is more like it ‘We never became real adaults...still children.’

Do you still remember this game? I used to use plain triangle

Often the amount of time they spend at the games causes parents to be concerned.

Even for us over 30th adults …we spend a many hours of the day here... That's terrible… Because I had more tour spots for back and deep side of Kyoto, There are ‘black out bar’, ‘midnight coffee house’ and ‘more than18 kinds of Takoyaki bar’

What would we do next tour?

Those who are interested in participating are required to e-mail, fax, or call and stay @J-Hoppers Kyoto guest house.

Seasonal Tradition in Winter to Spring

Hello! This is PAPI from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guest House.

Its getting warm and warm!
Finally winter has gone and spring is here.

In Takayama, we had a lot of snow in winter.
(Sometimes we still have snow in May.....)

Any way, do you know what is this??

A hose pipe?
A musical instrument?

This is a "Shoes Dryer " !!!
You can put this in front of the fan heaters.
Your shoes will be dried by hot air from heater.

In winter time in Takayama, many guest got wet shoes from station to J-Hoppers.
No problem!
This equipment will help you to dry your shoes in 5 to 10 min!

But we need to put this to storage.
Winter is finished.....

See you in 6 month!

Ohanami party!!

Finally, The season for "Ohanami" has come
in Takayama!!

Miyagawa ryokuchi park is one of popular place
for "Ohanami" for local people.

I found heart shape pool of Sakura frame:)

There is skate park here!

One of my friend has just done trick with BMX!

It was little bit windy but nice day:)

Thank you very much everybody!!

The 3rd year anniversary of Taiyo no tomato men(Tomato ramen)

There are many nice and yummy restaurants in Fukushima area where we J-Hoppers Osaka is located. One of them is 太陽のトマト麺 Taiyo no tomato men (ramen), and it's the 3rd year anniversary.They've been opening more branches in Tokyo area, but there is only ONE in Osaka, and it's in Fukushima !
When they opened 3 years ago, we thought it's very weired restaurant because we had never heard the ramen has Italian tomato taste.. 

But since we tried once, we can't help going there sometimes..  they've got our stomach.
Tomato taste with cheese and black pepper, but not pasta, looks still like ramen..
"Eating" is believing. Please go and try now, because they've providing some services when you bring their brochure, for example, gyoza(dumpling) for 10 yen , their noodle for your souvenir..

Tomato Gyoza with basil sause .. Yum!

Most of our staffs with some guests went there..

Don't you have their brochure? Then, please pop into J-Hoppers Osaka and grab it!

☆Dance Lesson☆

We had little dance lesson by Kevin the other day♪He was awesome teacher, we really enjoyed a lot!!

So, our manager Chika taught him Japanese traditional dance AWAODORI.
It is Easy and simple dance, but somehow how she danced looks....INTERESTING..
I could not stop laughing for little while and nearly fell down and rolling on the floor for big laugh..

At last, she gave us such a COOL..?? posing...
Thanks boss..I had such a great laugh and time!

A wonderful family!

A wonderful Belgian family came to J-hoppers Osaka in the middle of April, stayed for 12nights.
Father, Mother, 2 sisters and brother.
They are very attractive and happy.

Kids are so lovely, they delighted my eyes.
Everyone tried to talk to them because they are so approachable★:)

Adam's smile is very cute!

Li-Li is a big sister so very clever and dependable. She take care of sister and brother.

Mina got flower from others. She remembered "Kawaii" because everybody said it to her.
"Kawaii"means cute in English.

Adam is a nice boy. His smile made us cheerful.

They love Japan, they got choppsticks, Geta or Japanese style shoes, and MANY postcards.
They often play with Japanese swords of toy.

This is so funny↑ hahaha
Please come back again someday~~~~★(^0^)

Kusatsu Onsen 

Hello,I am Matsu from J-hoppers Hida Takayama.

I went to Kusatsu Onsen the other day.

Kusatsu Onsen (草津温泉) is one of the top three ranked hot spring resorts located in Gunma Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo.

It took 4 hours for me to drive.

Takayama ⇒Matsumoto⇒Ueda⇒Kusatsu

↓Luckily,we saw cherry blossom trees in full bloom at Matsumoto castle on the way.

8 fo 10 people from Kansai area say Arima is the best onsen in Japan.

What do you think people from Kanto area say ?

I think they would say Kusatsu is the best onsen.

Yubatake is located in the center of the spa resort area and is the source of the hot springs .
Also it is a symbol of Kusatsu onsen.

Yubatake ↓

If you come to Kusatsu,please should try definitely Yumomi .

Yumomi is the way of cooling the water that comes directly from the source.

By stirring the water with 1.8 m-long paddles, the water is cooled to a suitable bathing temperature.

I have a bad back.I tried it a little bit. 

↓People sing a special song when doing Yumomi

There are 18 public onsens in Kusatsu that are free.

I tried 5 different onsens and all the onsens were really hot.

I think Kusatsu is not known well by foreigners.

I recommend you to go there if you can bathe in a hot onsen.

!New Entry!

We have new entry in our GLOW HEART SEEDS COMPETITION!

He is J-Hoppers Hiroshima Men's Rep Mr.TSURU.
Competition seems like getting more interesting now!
I will work harder!I won't go easy on you guys!!


Have you ever heard of Heart Pea before?

There is a HEART on the seed as you can see above.
We have received them from Shimane tourist association.Thank you!
HEART PEA has beautiful flower language which is "be with you forever".
We have decided to hold a competition! Who will be the best person to grow them!

Wish me good luck please..

▲▲surprise party▲▲

Hello!This is Chika from J-Hopper Hiroshima guesthouse.

It was my birthday April 16th.
On the 15th of April,I was working at 22:00 as the night shift.
After work,I head back home as usual.
and then,when I open the door,,,,,,,,,,,,

There were J-Hoppers Hiroshima & Hiroshima HANA hostel's staff in my room!!!!!!!

Wow!!! What a surprise!!!!!!!!

I was suppose to have a dinner at Masa's house next day.
So I didn't expected it at all....

They cooked lots of delicious meal and Masa baked the birthday cake as well!
How sweet you guys!!!

And I have got lots of birthday present.

This is tripod stand from KANA! It looks so useful.
I don't know why she know what I want.She must haveh supernatural powers.

Tomoko,Yuko and Kumi they gave me these bangles!Gold n Black!!This is myfavorite color combination.

This cute and nice candle was from Katharine and Ukki.
It leave a room smelling wonderful:-)

Yuzo gave me this skateboard.I had wanted it for a long time!!Finally I've got my board!

It looks just like me!!!!
Masa drew my portrait for me!!How talented you are:-)
I was touched by the portrait when I got it.

I hadn't spent such a wonderful birth day party before.
Spending my birth day together which was the best present for me!!!!!!!

Thank you so much everyone!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.....July 1st is the birthday of Kana!!It must be a fun night as well:-)

PS,I received this lovely washing-up sponge from Hayashisan !!
It is so cute!Thank you very much and your message card as well.

Hida Takayama Matsuri

Last week, we went for the 3rd time to Hida Takayama where we had a great two days off as usual. This time it was for the Spring Matsuri, one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan. And I must say that it's truly gorgeous. The floats' decorations are very detailed, rich and plentiful. It made me love these floats even more than those of Gion Matsuri. The procession too is interesting, especially for the lion dances which feature up to 8 lions at the same time. Actually I couldn't stop taking pictures, and couldn't make up my mind on which I should upload here. Then I've made this patchwork. Pictures are a little bit small but I hope you will enjoy it. At the end there are pictures of our little hike in the mountains looking for some gorgeous waterfalls. The water is still crystal clear and the air so pure. We came back completely refreshed ! Thanks to Iida-san (was the bus ride on the way back safer ?), Kurokawa-san (had a good lunch ?), Papi-san (could you see your husband ?), Matsushita-san (how is your back ?) and Harada-san (Sorry no pictures of Josh !)

☆BYO Chopsticks☆

Recently many people start considering about Eco-friendly goods in Japan.
We used to get free plastic bag when we go super market but not any more. need to pay for it now, so people bring own bag.
Take public transport instead driving own car and so on..

I have found super cool Eco-friendly goods such as chopsticks the other day!

This chopsticks have 4ways to use it!

  1. As Chopsticks
  2. As Folk
  3. As Spoon
  4. As Tongs(With both Folk and Spoon)
I have decided to carry it all the time when I go out and use it instead of disposable chopsticks!
Yes!! I will be nice to earth!

Birthday Party 23.

I had a classy night on my birthday.

me and my bunch of friends went to an izakaya

and got an All We can drink for 2 hours. Every friend forced me to drink a looooot.

I recognized I was not young any more that night.
I got 13drinks there but it was so painful. felt like no more alcohol, please. It was torture!

Then, we headed to a bar to booze up again......Jesus!! it was all fun though.

I was not only drunk also I was so beat, but thank god. it was day off the next day. It was suppose to be a pretty much recovering day though. my other friends called me and we went out to drink....that was too much. I had to be awake and killed time till 4am, because I really wanted to watch the match AC Milan against Inter. 3-0 AC Milan!!!!! yeeey.

the match was done like 6am and then headed to J-hoppers to work....

maybe because of these crazy nights, I caught a cold!!

☆Surprise Birthday Party☆

It's our Manager Chika's birthday today April 16th!
According to her, it's same birthday as Charles Spencer Chaplin..
We held a surprise party for her last night. We sneaked into her house while she was working.Prepared all the foods and decorated a room.
I will never forget how she looked like..she was just stand there open-mouthed.
But we all have great time and the party was worth it.

♪Happy Birthday again CHIKA~~♪

Indian fortune-telling

This Indian fortune-teller has lived in Kansai for 28 years.

He reads your palm, then tells your future in the humorous dialect that is typical of Kansai.

Isn't it interesting to be able to eat Indian food and have your fortune told at the same time?

Here is my report of his predictions.

First of all the basis of his judgment is from your date of birth.

'You are gentle, Very gentle. However, you get angry suddenly.

Your stars are the moon and Mars. The moon is gentle. Mars is fire, which means anger.

Since you have both, you can calm yourself when you get angry.'

Next, he reads my palm.

'You've never had money troubles in your life, and you will never have any. You have good hands!'

'You will marry at the age of 31 or 32. You will have three children.

You lead your partner, and you want to be with him always. So, it is better that you chose a younger man as your partner. Man and woman need to balance each other. This is the most important thing.

And,,,You are Age-man, Yup, Age-man. You are really Age-man...'

*Age-man means WOMAN who is a lucky charm for your man! Not aged man.

'You hate being scolded by your boss at work. It shows in your hand. You should start working for yourself. Don't rush into it though.'

'You like taking lessons. You are wise. Your hands are capable of being creative, such as writing. You also have hands that can teach.'

'Japan is not suitable for you, you must feel cramped. You will absolutely live overseas.'

'You are always peeping(making noise) in front of your family. You are a Peeping-chan who is always complaining. You are a chatterbox. You are good at making friends quickly. '

'Your lucky days are Monday and Tuesday. Your lucky colors are red, white, and pink. '

Here is what the fortune-teller read from my face. (*Normally he doesn't do this)

'Your aura comes out of your prominent forehead, It's a very strong one.

By the way, Are you 100-percent Japanese? You have eyes like someone from Bangalore, in South India. People from Bangalore would not think that you are Japanese. Women from Bangalore and Spain are the most beautiful in the world. '

In the end, he told me,

'Listen to what people say through to the end. You understand? Ok!?'

.......Yup, I will!

Thus, I was glad to get the fortune-teller's advice.

However I say "no thanks" to the three children!


Konnichiwa! (Hello!) from Kyoto :)

We get such fragrant days recently.
It's so warm and longer daylight, AWESOME!!!

By the way,I've been stopping doing exercises for a long time;
therefore,I need to push myself to be as an elegant lady for the next stage.
Anyway,I should quit my tripping now.

This is the main topic that my daily habit I've made is "walk".

One day, I was walking on new walkway where is located along Katsura liver.
I've been living those area for a year, but never been to the walkway.

Then I've found out comforting trees along the liver.

They were so pretty, aren't they?
I felt like I was lucky to find this place.

Kyoto is very famous for Cherry Blossom and
there are many popular places to have a look them.
But, I can tell there are still beautiful spots in Kyoto.

Not only Cherry Blossom but also field mustard is for spring flower.
I like the color contrast ,and it makes me refreshed.

I'm very exited to go for a walk like meeting a nice guy everyday.
My SPRING has come.....?!

Last shot !